REPORT: Sexual assault victim ordered to pay abuser’s wife thousands in damages

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A Japanese court has ordered a woman to pay damages to the wife of the man she accused of sexual assault since their relationship may have breached the country’s civil code.

Meiko Sano filed a lawsuit against her professor for sexual assault after ending a decade-long relationship with him. Sano argued that Michio Hayashi, an art history professor of the Department of Liberal Arts at Sophia University, had taken advantage of their dynamic to initiate a relationship to which she never consented.

When the relationship began, Sano was 23 and Hayashi was 48, and she accused him of grooming her for sex. Their relationship started out purely academic, but it soon blurred as he invited her to more private meetings, which Sano said she felt unable to refuse.

On a trip to a symposium, Sano performed a sexual act on Hayashi that she claims was forced and he argues was consensual.

For 10 years, Sano accompanied him on trips, meeting in hotels, including in Italy, France, and Spain, until she broke off the relationship and filed a lawsuit.

“I understand that I was way too naïve, and I still hate myself for it. There were so many times when I could have just said, ‘No,’ and run away,” Sano said.

Shockingly, Hayashi’s wife sued Sano for the relationship, which under Japan’s civil code marks marital infidelity as a breach of the marriage contract.

Hayashi’s wife won approximately $20,000 in damages.

Meanwhile, Sano lost her case, winning some minor damages to help pay for the damages to Hayashi’s wife.

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