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Missing Harmony Montgomery’s father Adam allegedly punched the partially blind girl in the face, made her clean a toilet with her toothbrush and stand in the corner for hours, according to New Hampshire court documents — and then failed to provide confirmation of her whereabouts or well-being from family members and authorities for more than two years.

Harmony was reported missing last week, but police then discovered her whereabouts have been unknown stretching back to the fall of 2019.

The article goes on to state the following:

Adam Montgomery, an alleged substance abuser with criminal records in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, assumed custody of his daughter in early 2019, according to New Hampshire court documents released Wednesday, after his arrest on assault and child endangerment charges in connection with Harmony’s disappearance.

Court documents released on Wednesday state that Crystal Sorey, Harmony’s noncustodial biological mother, reported her daughter as missing on Nov. 18, 202 to  Manchester police, and said she couldn’t get in touch with her father.

Sorey said the last time she saw Harmony was during a FaceTime call around Easter in 2019, and said her daughter seemed frightened.

After weeks of searching for Adam and Harmony, police made contact with her uncle, who voiced concerns that Adam was abusive towards the little girl.

Police also spoke with Adam’s current (estranged) wife, Kayla Montgomery, who he has three younger children with.

Adam was finally tracked down to a vehicle in Manchester, where he was with his current girlfriend.  He was arrested on Tuesday.

Fox News journalist Michael Ruiz tweeted the following details:

#HarmonyMontgomery’s dad Adam allegedly punched the partially blind girl in the face, made her clean a toilet with her toothbrush and stand in the corner for hours, according to New Hampshire court documents.

#AdamMontgomery’s uncle told police he asked why #HarmonyMontgomery had a black eye in 2019. His nephew allegedly replied that he “bashed her around the house” as punishment after her infant younger brother started crying.

#AdamMontgomery’s now-estranged wife also told investigators she’d seen #HarmonyMontgomery with a black eye. She said her husband blamed it on one of their other children, who are all accounted for, according to authorities.

Investigators say she’s been unaccounted for since 2019. No one reported her missing until her biological mom, who lost custody in 2018, and her little brother’s adoptive parents started demanding answers this past November.

READ the arrest affidavit below:

Adam Montgomery Arrest Affi… by Fox News

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  1. A great many ” adults” let this innocent littke girl down . So now its a matter of how soon they find her deceased body … Sick

  2. The outlook for the little girl is very grim. This low life scumbagnmost likely killed the young girl. he deserves the firing squad.

  3. How in the world can a child be MISSING for two years TWO YEARS and nobody knows this??? Where was the rest of the family? This is just terrible. Poor little thing. Nobody cared.

    • That’s what I was thinking as I read the article. Why didn’t another adult speak up and follow through. So sad for this precious little girl.


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