REPORT: Slavery reparations position of Pelosi’s likely replacement is under scrutiny

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Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the top candidate to replace Nancy Pelosi as House Democratic leader, supports legislation to study the feasibility of providing reparations to the descendants of enslaved individuals.

Jeffries, D-N.Y., is one of nearly 200 co-sponsors of a bill to create a national commission to study and develop proposals on slavery reparations. The 13-member commission would be tasked with presenting appropriate remedies to the lingering negative effects of slavery and discrimination within the United States.

“The call for reparations represents a commitment to entering a constructive dialogue on the role of slavery and racism in shaping present-day conditions in our community and American society,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat who authored the legislation.

The report explains that Jeffries was one of the early supporters of the bill when it was introduced in 2019, and although it failed to gain any traction, support for it is growing.

Last week, Jeffries announced his bid to replace Pelosi as the Democrat leader in the House.

In April 2021, Jeffries posted a video of his remarks during a hearing, and declared, “House Judiciary Committee is debating HR-40. The bill will establish a commission to study reparations in connection with slavery and its racist legacy.”

“Republicans simply want us to move on. No we will not,” he added.

In June 2021, Jeffries made the wild allegation, “Black prosperity is a threat to white supremacy. So they massacred hundreds of successful African-American families. And burned #BlackWallStreet down to the ground. Tell the story.”

Other extreme positions Jeffries has taken include the following:

“Passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act into law is essential,” Jeffries declared in June 2021.

Jeffries falsely claimed in July, “Republicans have announced plans to end Social Security and Medicare in five years. They are too extreme to ever be trusted.”

In October, he falsely declared, “Extreme Republicans want to defund the FBI, Medicare and Social Security. House Dems will always stand up for you.”

Jeffries has also been raging against the “extreme MAGA Republicans.”

On Nov. 1, after Paul Pelosi was attacked in his home, Jeffries blamed the “extreme MAGA Republicans” for the attack.

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  1. BS, whiney democrats causing more division. I want reparations for not having the same benefits as slim people. My parents had nothing when they grew up.

  2. Hakeem needs a serious history lesson. He also needs to not be trusted. Ever. Sounds an awful lot like Hakeem wants to be important, but is not.

  3. Who died and appointed him to replace the nasty pooplosie?

    The republicans have the cabinet and if they are agreeing with these people…
    THEN YOU ALL EVERYONE OF YOU HOUSE NEED NOT TAKE A SEAT BUT CIRCLE AROUND AND HEAD FOR THE DOOR… and don’t Let the door hit you you where the good LORD split you.

    We want change not the same shit just served in a different pot.

  4. Remember it was the Democrats of south that had slavery. The real reason we had the civil war was over states rights. So I think the Democrats should make restitution to there slaves from their super pac and dnc over see payments.

  5. I’m not paying any repetitions because I wasn’t alive back then. These idiots need to move on or pay out of there own pockets. They steal enough from the American people.

  6. I am sorry but I will quit paying any and all taxes before I pay a dime for some lazy ass who claims he was denied a chance to succeed because his great,great grandad was a slave


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