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Megyn Kelly hit back after former President George W. Bush’s speechwriter, David Frum, labeled her “anti-vax” over her expressing “concerns” about 5-11-year-olds getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“You don’t have to be an ‘anti-vax extremist’ to have concerns re vaccinating a little one who has [very] little risk from COVID,” Kelly tweeted Monday to her millions of followers.

The article goes on to state the following:

“You *do* have to be some kind of an asshole to demonize any parent concerned about forcing minor kids to take a vaccine that’s had no long term testing,” she added.

Kelly’s tweet was in response to a post by Frum, in which he declared,
“If regulators approve that 5-11 year olds can be safely and effectively vaccinated against COVID, let’s not repeat the mistake of allowing space and time to anti-vax extremists. States should immediately make anti-COVID vaccination a requirement for school, sports leagues, etc.”

“The anti-vaxxers get a big thing right. They understand that a vaccine mandate is not merely a requirement. It also expresses a social stigma against the unvaccinated as ignorant and anti-social. That stigma is very powerful, which is why the anti-vaxxers resent it so intensely,” Frum added.

After Kelly’s slam, Frum mocking responded, “Personal abuse from @megynkelly is a heavy burden to bear, but somehow I’ll try to find the strength to carry on.”

Kelly fired back, “Aww, @davidfrum says he’s being “abused” by me. Poor little David. As for your 5-year-old into whose arm he wants to force a needle with an experimental vaccine whether you want it or not? That’s A-ok w/him.”

Frum couldn’t let that rest either, retorting, “.@megynkelly wants to insist she is not “anti-vax.” That’s good. She should in that case be encouraging her fan base to protect themselves by vaccinating – not scoring cheap social-media engagement by inciting them against the vaccine that will protect them and their families.”

The battle continued, as Kelly replied, “Listen to any one of the shows I’ve done on Covid & you will hear me say I’m pro-vaccine & think everyone should get vaccinated. (Including last Friday’s.) Kids are different. Covid risk is lower, heart risk is more concerning. In short: pls study your ass from your elbow.”

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  1. I am not anti vaccine but I am against vaccines that are just experimental being used on the general public. Especially kids. These are still experimental drugs. I agree with her, this guy is nuts.

  2. I’d have to agree with Megan. Frum is being an asshole by labeling non-vaxxers and anti-social and stupid when you have vaccinated people who are still getting Covid and being hospitalized over it. My 17 year old son is adamant about getting the vaccine (Pfizer is the only one he can get) because of people like Frum who are constantly bickering and labeling people who have not been vaccinated. I’m fearful of him getting it, but I’m allowing it because that is what he wants. I decided I’d get one,too because since we have unvaxxed family members who are very ill (1 hospitalized for 2-3 weeks, in ICU now…almost died)

  3. I am not ” Anti Vax “, but I AM ” Anti-MANDATORY “! If you want to get the jab… Feel Free.
    But, who are YOU to judge me/ bully me/ and DEMAND that I go against my personal beliefs, concerning the Vaccine ?
    This is what COMMUNISM looks like !

  4. Vaxxing kids who will have to deal with the effects for the rest of their lives is the dumbest 5hit ever. These kids are healthy and deal with COVID very well. This magical death serum with no long-term testing, and almost no short-term testing, is a worse idea for kids than it already is for adults.

  5. Most vaccines are in study labs for 5, 10, and 15 years, the push of urgency has awakened some parents to see the evil behind this witches brew
    Take the jab it’s good for you hahahahahahah reminds me of the twilight zone

  6. Look all this vaccine bantering should stop. People who have chosen to not be vaccinated by now have made up their minds, for whatever reasons. And, they don’t care if you’ve been vaccinated. Eventually everyone worldwide will have come in contact with the virus, they may get all the symptoms, a few or none, but they will develop antibodies, if they are healthy. Some people will die after contacting Covid, not from Covid, but because they have underlying physical issues thereby have a weak constitution. It could be the dying person has cancer, or immunosuppressed, or extremely overweight, diabetes, alcohol addiction, compromised heart, liver or kidney issues…these folks are more likely to have a difficult time if infected with Covid.
    This has nothing to do with being afraid or wanting to infect people…it’s the vaccinated that have the issue with this, and their ignorance makes them fearful, and brings out the hate they harbor.
    Just get a life, go back to work, school, your churches, support your restaurants and retailers. Get out and play some golf, hike, go to the ball games, movies, gym…start getting back in your life. Forget about Covid. There is NO MORE PANDEMIC. Yes, there is a covid virus out there, AIDS virus, Ebola virus, hepatitis virus, polio o, measles, mumps, the list goes on.

  7. Wow!! Drum or Frum (I’ve never heard of him/ hope not to ever again) got his A_ _ handed to him by Megyn!! His ignorant arrogance ( or arrogant ignorance) wouldn’t allow him to gracefully bow out!!!! There is NO SCIENTIFIC data to support this jab to kids!!!!!!!! None!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be a civil war if they try to strong handle the kids. The government doesn’t care about people anyways or they wouldn’t have been allowing all the poisons and carcinogens In our food supply!!!!!!!!!


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