REPORT: Some New Hampshire residents worried as Maine considers ‘trans tourism’ bill for children

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Some New Hampshire residents and parents are reportedly speaking out against a proposed bill that would allow children to undergo sex-change surgeries without their parent’s knowledge, according to a recent report from Fox 5 News.

The bill, some critics say, promotes “trans tourism” as it would potentially allow children in New Hampshire to travel to Maine, a state that directly borders

Known as LD 1735, it “authorizes a court to take temporary jurisdiction because a child has been unable to obtain gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care.”

Some parents savaged the bill at a public hearing earlier this month, such as Daniel Richardson of Nashua, N.H., who reportedly wrote:

“Your bill puts in danger children from NH by way of the absolute madness of so-called ‘gender-affirming care.’ Your contemplated legalized genital butchery of your minors is your perverted business, but disfigurement and permanent genital and psychological damage of NH children is not your province.”

American Principles Project President Terry Schilling said that parents should not have to risk losing their kids due to the “trans tourism” bill, stating:

“Parents will do anything to protect our children. To lose your child and be powerless to prevent harm from coming to them would be any parent’s worst nightmare. Yet today, families traveling to California or Minnesota could be at risk for that awful scenario actually playing out — losing custody of their kids to an industry that aims to sterilize and mutilate their bodies,” Schilling said in a statement… It is frightening, and enraging, to think such anti-family policies have taken hold here in the United States.”

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