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The Biden administration has made it clear that the U.S. will not fight in Ukraine, opting instead to provide assistance in the form of arms to the Ukrainians, but Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., argues that even this is too much.

In a Twitter post Tuesday morning, the Minnesota congresswoman claimed that it would be difficult to know where American weapons might end up.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The consequences of flooding Ukraine with billion dollars in [American] weapons, likely not limited to just military-specific equipment but also including small arms + ammo, are unpredictable & likely disastrous,” Omar said. “Specially when they are given to paramilitary groups w/out accountability.”

“I support giving Ukraine the resources it needs to defend its people, I just have legitimate concerns about the size and scope,” Omar also tweeted.

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  1. Wow…just wow! This individual is in need of serious mental health help. She has allowed illegal immigrants, with no vetting, to enter this Country & she’s concerned about Ukrainians who may be getting weapons? What a joke – they really think Americans are stupid…

  2. Bet I’m going to take arms here against you when the need arises… You people up on that hill have already become tyrannical and I don’t give a $hit if you’re a democrat or republican both sides have the American hater’s… I’m fed up with my government!!!! Best be watching how ya talkin!!!! Nazi

  3. Wait!!! But the ones that were left in Afghanistan were ok to be given to the terrorist! She didn’t say one word about thst bit now is worried about Ukraine!

  4. Why Omar ? Obama and Hillary both sold arms to the Middle East, you know, you’re part of the world Sandnigerdom, and also sent pallets of cash to fund their war so you need to STFU !

  5. Why Omar ? Obama and Hillary both sold arms to the Middle East, you know, you’re part of the world Sand***erdom, and also sent pallets of cash to fund their war so you need to STFU !

  6. Someone forgot to inform her that she is NOT a LEADER, she is a REPRESENTATIVE! She needs to stop trying to make decisions FOR the people and start making decisions based on what THE PEOPLE want!

  7. Never thought I’d agree with her but after watching Ukraine On Fire and seeing how much Soros had had his hands on that country and the color revolution and neo nazi over there, and our dirty rotten senators. Yep. No weapons. They’ve been fighting each other longer than this but no one said a thing.

  8. Just as disastrous as letting her in this country, and putting her in our government. She should have been shipped right back where she came from with handcuffs on.

  9. She’s worried about this now? I didn’t hear her say a word when everything was left in Afghanistan and the Taliban got ahold of everything. I guess that was different though.

  10. Guess she wants to send blankets and iced tea… that’ll solve all of Ukraine’s problems. She forgets that she’s a representative FOR the people… she works for us… and she is by no means a leader. When is her term up? Vote her a$$ out

  11. Treason. Time to pull all congressmen that say this kind of crap and line them up and execute them in the name of freedom. It is time to take out the bad apples and get this civil war going. Tired of the rich power grabbing at the expense of us regular folk. Time for the real coup to happen. Start standing up with you voice and vote.


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