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There’s a new form of violence in Democrats’ vocabulary.

Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts took to social media to push President Biden to universally cancel student debt for U.S. college students and graduates. Reporting on her own canvassing efforts, Pressley said allowing student debt to continue was a form of violence.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Let’s make it plain: student debt is policy violence,” Pressley wrote. “We’ll keep fighting to relieve families across the country, to make sure our policies & budgets reflect their lived experiences & that we build this grassroots movement to #CancelStudentDebt together.”

Below is Pressley’s full rampage on Twitter:

Today, over 43 million people in the U.S. are crushed under more than $1.7 trillion in student loan debt. This fall, the A-Team led our first ever deep canvassing efforts w/our neighbors across the #MA7 to hear how this crisis impacts our communities. This is what we learned.

By “deep canvassing,” we engaged voters across the district in longer, one-on-one conversations about student debt cancellation, discussed how canceling student debt would impact their lives, and introduced new perspectives by sharing stories & lived experiences.

Since October, the A-Team & our incredible volunteers have hosted 16 deep canvass trainings and phone banks, and engaged with over 100 folks across the MA-07 to advance our grassroots movement to #CancelStudentDebt.

We’ve spoken to a mother from Dorchester who graduated 30 years ago & is still paying for her own debt + her 34 year old daughter’s debt. A nurse from Hyde Park who can barely afford to pay rent & buy groceries, & doesn’t qualify for any student loan forgiveness.

We’ve spoken to a single mother from Randolph who worked two jobs to put her daughter through college, & who now owes $180,000 in student loans. Families who can’t afford to buy a home in our neighborhoods because they are crushed by their student debt.

A young woman from Roslindale who just finished paying off her debt & still believes we must #CancelStudentDebt for those struggling. Folks who didn’t initially support canceling student debt, but who shifted their perspectives after learning more from our conversations.

And so many others whose lived experiences continue to affirm what we know to be true:

That the student debt crisis is multiracial & multigenerational. That it is a racial, gender & economic justice issue. That @POTUS can & must #CancelStudentDebt.

To the volunteers, the A-Team & every single person who took the time to get on the phone with us — thank you. Because of you, we’ve been able to connect with our neighbors & better understand what student debt cancellation would mean for all of our communities.

Let’s make it plain: student debt is policy violence.

We’ll keep fighting to relieve families across the country, to make sure our policies & budgets reflect their lived experiences & that we build this grassroots movement to #CancelStudentDebt together.

Next, Democrat socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tore into Biden with her demands:

It is actually delusional to believe Dems can get re-elected without acting on filibuster or student debt, Biden breaking his BBB promise, letting CTC lapse, 0 path to citizenship, etc. Esp when they run from convos abt race+culture (which is what 1/6 was abt). We need to act now.

People want to “but Manchin” everyone to death, but learned helplessness is not a disposition that inspires confidence or support. The President has tools at his disposal. Leadership has tools at their disposal. If it really is just 1-2 votes, Senate should force a vote on BBB.

To secure votes for the Bipar Infra Bill, Biden *himself* came to House Progressives & told us was putting his credibility on the line to deliver BBB if CPC voted BIF. They trusted him. I didn’t think he could promise the Senate. He promised anyway. It’s time for him to deliver.

AOC’s Republican challenger, Cuban American Desi Cuellar, retorted, “Good to know you are already planning for loss. Keep the seat warm til next January, Sandy.”

Somalian refugee Rep. Ilhan Omar lashed out as well, tweeting: “70% of voters oppose restarting student loan repayments. We need to continue the freeze on repayments until the pandemic is over. Better yet, we must cancel student debt.”

Many Twitter users are firing back over the suggestion that student debt should be cancelled:

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  1. Do I get money back for being responsible and paying my student debt , I had to sacrifice and save while working overtime just to pay it off. And while they are at it can they pay off my mortgage so I can save some money to live

    • Yes mortgage relief now! Better yet why have rent at all. It’s so expensive to rent or buy anything!! SMDH. Truth be told they just want their debt canceled. This is just fake concern. If you choose to go to an expensive college then pay up. Don’t whine about it later.

  2. Here I go for the third time!
    You’ve removed my thought provoking comment twice now!
    Perhaps some people should keep their mouthed shut and pay their own student loans!! I’m talking about the two loudest mouths on the Squad!
    You know who they are!
    One of those esteemed women is very dumb and the other one has a filthy mouth when she speaks about President Trump!
    They both earn more money than they could have ever dreamed, yet they are wanting ME and people like me, tax payers, to pay for there legally applied for and granted colleges debt!
    They need to go to the back of the class, sit down and be quiet
    Now! Was that the polite text you were needing to soothe your soul?

    • Libby, no individual is “removing” your comments. For your convenience, most comments on DMLNewsApp articles post to the site automatically and instantly. However, this website does have a feature that automatically filters out comments containing strong profanity, vulgarity, use of the “n” word, or threats of violence or death. On rare occasions, the system may accidentally filter out other comments containing mild profanity as well, which requires a manual override by a moderator at the end of the day.

  3. All this is bullshit because if a student graduates from high school and wants to go to college and there parents can’t afford to pay then they just need to find a job.I believe that Pelosie owes a lot of money when she graduated for college and she still hasn’t paid it no we should not pay for their colleges and I have a friend that her children wanted to go to college and no money. No no no

  4. My daughter is paying hers off and never complains. The squad, some not all, come from the generation whose parents gave them everything. The squad has no win under their belt and know midterms are coming up and need this win. Well, no one I know personally wants their hard earned money to pay off anyone elses kids student loan. They can suck it up and pay their own loans off. I don’t work to pay off anyone’s student loan. They knew what they were gutting into when they took the loan. Even signed paperwork when they took it. They knew the day would come when they would have to pay it back. I definitely don’t want my taxes going to pay off AOC’s loan.

  5. Let’s pay off/forgive everyone’s home mortgage, car payments, and credit card balances.
    Bunch of nitwits. How did we as a great Narion wind up with the angry, hateful, nasty animals

  6. Like any loan you are expected to pay it back. There is no forgiveness of a bank loan.
    If you are too stupid to not know you can’t afford college Then get a job and pay for technical school. College idiots.
    No they want to be morons filled with stupidity and nothing else Expecting everybody else to be responsible for you. Stupid idiots in our chambers. And did we pay for Talibs schooling? I am still trying to figure out how Americans were that stupid to put these creatures in our chambers

  7. You idiots borrowed money that you knew would put you in debt for a education you could get at the local library. These leftists college’s teaching hate and division is what you borrowed money for! Reap what you sow and pay for your communist degree like so many before you had to do! BUNCH OF WHINEY PUSSIES PAY YOUR DEBT!

  8. The students took out the loans, and got the education! They now need to be RESPONSIBLE and pay back the loans! It’s not up to the government (taxpayers), to pay off YOUR DEPT! There are hundreds & thousands of students & their families that sacrificed & paid for their own education! How is it fair to them if these people get there loans forgiven?
    Same goes at a restaurant you eat the food the bill comes at the end of the meal you pay the tab!!

    By the way taxpayers need to STOP PAYING for the Education of Congress members children!

  9. It’s a form of violence to make people pay their own bills?!?! HILARIOUS!!! You fools will be trashing Biden again over the welfare program “child tax credit” ending too. MAKE PEOPLE WORK AND PAY FOR THEMSELVES!!!! Giving people money for Democrat votes is failing, thank god.


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