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Washington State is banning the use of the word “marijuana” in state law, citing its historically racist connotations.

“The term ‘marijuana’ itself is pejorative and racist,” Democratic state representative Melanie Morgan said after the bill was introduced in January 2021. “As recreational marijuana use became more popular, it was negatively associated with Mexican immigrants.” She, along with other Washington Democrats and drug legalization activists, has blamed marijuana criminalization for creating the negative association, alleging the word “was used as a racist terminology to lock up black and brown people,” according to KIRO 7 News, a CBS affiliate.

The article goes on to state the following:

House Bill 1210, which passed the state House and Senate in February, will replace the term with the word “cannabis” throughout Washington’s legal code. Gov. Jay Inslee (D.) signed the bill into law in March, but it won’t take effect until June.

Fox News anchor Jesse Watters spoke out on the story, noting the irony that the first state to legalize marijuana is now banning the word.


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  1. The only actual word amongst all those words that is actually mexican is being banned how ironic. That d3finitly comes across as liberalism .
    I can see it wont be long theu are not going to be able to say mexican.
    Or any other spanish word .
    Liberalism is deffenitly a cry of ignorance.

  2. I wonder when they’ll ban the word racist? After all, it really is the ONLY word that is racist! ALL of the other words? Not so much, because WORDS CANNOT BE RACIST! Only people can be racist. And, racism isn’t hereditary! It is a behavior that is learned. It isn’t restricted by race!

  3. If their state reps think this is what is important in a state that is second only to California in being garbage states with homeless, stealing, no bail, etc. wake up

    • Exactly , I had to look up who was .
      What frivolous tripe she’s pushing forward as a law maker
      term Marijuana hurts Mexicans feelings.
      Here’s what she’s suppose To be dealing with
      Morgan was assigned to the following committees:

      Commerce & Gaming Committee
      Finance Committee
      Rural Development, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Committee
      House Rules Committee

  4. Washington state is all f**ked up! One more state I’m not interested in visiting. When any state BANS words, you’re BANNING OUR 1ST AMENDMENT! This is ILLEGAL!

  5. How much MJ has she been smoking? I seriously believe she and her cronies are missing some vital brain cells. Heaven help us.

  6. And I live in this assinine state! Because of obiden and his open the flood gates policy the city in Texas we wanted to move to is now a freaking war zone! Living the devil you know situation.

  7. Don’t these dumbass demonrats have anything better to do the first thing I think of is Mexicans when I hear the word marijuana Seriously please can these people get anymore stupid banning that word seems to be racist in its self you can’t fix stupid!!!!!

  8. Yes Washington tax payers, your reps are wasting your tax dollars. I am sure you voted for them to scrutinize the vocabulary in everyday use.
    Stupidity is not fixable!!!

  9. DEMONcrates the reuse definition of stupid. Have to be the most ignorant hypocrites on the planet. If you clowns that vote for these incompetent trolls don’t get it you never will. Ignorant fools

  10. Kiss my ass with your stupidity. Everything is racist to a liberal puke. Throw all of them over a cliff in a stinking garbage bag. There wouldn’t be one good body part to recycle. But the plastic bag could be recycled.


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