REPORT: State Becomes First To Ban Abortion Pills

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Wyoming has become the first state to ban abortion pills following a bill signed by Gov. Mark Gordon on Friday that made prescribing and selling them illegal.

The new law states that it will be “unlawful to prescribe, dispense, distribute, sell or use any drug for the purpose of procuring or performing an abortion.” This is the first state law of this nature to be implemented by Wyoming, according to a report from the Washington Post.

Governor Gordon stated his support for the bill as it strengthens “protections for the unborn.”

Individuals who break the law, which goes into effect beginning in July 2023, could face a prison sentence of up to six years along with a fine of up to $9000.

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  1. Great. 40% of women that have an abortion have more than one. It’s fair to conclude that those women use abortions as a form of birth control.
    There are so many choices on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies, abortions aren’t necessary nor a right.

  2. Wow, go Wyoming. The screaming college liberal K U N T S and the uneducated ones will be screaming, stomping and marching soon causing chaos in major cities across the US. Just wait. These dumb twatwaffles have so many options to prevent pregnancy such as birth control pills, condoms, IUD’s, the morning after pill, getting your tubes tied to prevent ANY pregnancies, and just plain KEEPING YOUR DAMN LEGS CROSSED. It’s not rocket science. Abortions and killing babies is murder.

  3. The abortion pill sounds easy. Use it in the privacy of your home, etc. But, in fact, it’s horrible for a woman to go through alone. The physical pain of cramps and bleeding as well as the mental pain of seeing a human baby in your toilet and the decision to flush it down the drain. No one should have to experience that. No one thinks about that before hand.

  4. Effective birth control is available to anyone. Free, accessible, simple to administer, and manage by anyone. The practice of abortion should have(by now), been designated obsolete like so many medieval “medical” practice’s. Future generations will be shocked and appalled that this culture actually practiced this barbaric “medical” procedure on women.
    Abortion will stain the fabric of the country similar to how we today view those who kept slaves 300 years ago.


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