REPORT: State city council mandating use of preferred pronouns upon threat of ‘termination’

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Employees of the City of Dallas, Texas, must use people’s preferred pronouns or risk termination, according to recently publicized documents.

An internal document titled “Workplace Gender Transition Protocols & FAQ” explains the city’s expectations for conduct regarding transgender individuals.

The guidelines explain that “gender transition” can refer to a spectrum of situations, all of which are equally protected.

“Transition may include ‘coming out’ (telling family, friends, and coworkers), changing the name and/or sex on legal documents, and/or accessing medical treatment such as hormones and/or surgery,” the document reads.

According to the guidelines, city employees are “expected to respectfully use the transitioning employee’s preferred name and pronouns, regardless of whether or not they ‘believe in,’ approve of, or accept an individual’s right to be transgender or undergo a gender transition.”

“An employee has the right to be addressed by the name and pronoun of their choice. Our addressing the employee by their chosen pronoun is a sign of respect for them as an individual,” it adds.

According to the document, “refusing to respect an employee’s gender identity by intentionally referring to an employee by a name or by pronouns that do not correspond to the employee’s gender identity” is a form of harassment and discrimination.

Members who fail to follow the city’s guidelines “may be disciplined up to and including termination.”

When asked for clarification on whether one may be excused from the behavioral guidelines due to religious convictions, the city government responded, “The City of Dallas is a safe and welcoming place for all residents and employees.”

“The City prohibits discrimination and harassment of employees based on a protected category including race, color, age, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic characteristics, national origin, disability, and military or veteran status,” the message continued.

“Violations of these long-standing policies may result in disciplinary action,” the message added.

The message failed to clarify how situations concerning religious conviction would be handled.

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