REPORT: State forces schools to teach children about anal sex, pregnancy options

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New state-wide sex ed standards in New Jersey teach students as young as 13 years old about anal sex and their pregnancy options, and school districts that fail to comply could face “disciplinary action,” or even a loss of funding.

The standards were adopted by the New Jersey Board of Education in June 2020, and schools are required to implement them beginning this month. Amid concern from parents and school districts, the state Department of Education has warned that schools who fail to implement the new standards may face discipline.

The state standards describe what students should learn by each grade level, and it is up to the districts to design a curriculum to adhere to the standards. By eighth grade, according to the New Jersey standards, students should “describe pregnancy testing, the signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption;” and “Define vaginal, oral, and anal sex.”

The students should know how to “develop a plan to eliminate or reduce risk of unintended pregnancy and STIs (including HIV),” by eighth grade.

A mom spoke out about the schools standards saying they are “harmful and offensive.” The mom, who wished to remain anonymous, has opted out of the Berkley Heights school district’s program but said she worries about others who don’t realize what exactly is being taught to these young students.

She said, “All I’m asking for is transparency and accountability.” She expressed that she wants all parents to know that there are ways for them to opt of the program.

She continued, “I had to send quite a few emails and figure out who is in charge and teaching what to get to this point,” adding that it is “a lot of work for most parents.”

Berkley Heights school district superintendent, Dr. Melissa Varley, told Fox News Digital the district “presented the new PE/Health Curriculum on August 11th at the Public Board meeting. The Assistant Superintendent and PE/Health Supervisor explained in detail the Opt Out Process available to all parents.”

She added, “In addition, all parents are welcome to personally review the curriculum guides and teaching materials.”

The superintendent said that if the school fails to teach these lessons they could be cut from receiving state funding.

Dr. Varley said, “If we do not, we do not pass New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC) monitoring. If the district fails this process we may become ineligible for state and even federal funding.”

The Berkley Heights mom added, “As our government and newly appointed Supreme Court judge struggle to define ‘what is a woman,’ it gives parents like me little confidence those who write our updated state guidelines on sex ed have any business teaching my children how to safely have anal sex and about abortion. It’s an insult to parents and destructive to our children.”

New Jersey GOP tweeted Wednesday, ‘NEW: Schools that don’t comply w/NJ’s age-inappropriate sex-ed standards are being threatened with ‘loss of state aid.’ Murphy & @vingopal told us that districts would have their own autonomy & that parents could easily opt out. They lied on both.”

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  1. Wow as a parent I would tell them to go f…k themselves in the rear . My child does not need to know this garbage. Disgusting, disturbed people !!!!

  2. These demonic asses pushing this perversion are prepping and grooming kids to become the next generation of sexual deviates. These people ahould be burned at the stake.

  3. I don’t give a damn what the “school board” says! If an adult tells my minor child about sexual sodomy, I am coloring the police, or worse. If talking about sex in the workplace is sexual harassment, it is also sexual harassment in the school house! THAT IS THE LAW of the state!

  4. If that shit was going on when my kids were in school. The halls in that school would be covered with the guts of the school board mother fuckers that OKed this shit. I’m just a bit narrow minded about some things. Go ahead , make my day !

  5. The schools are GROOMING these children. This is all part of their plan. They are trying to normalize PEDOPHILIA, and have been for a while, slowly but surely.

  6. Then, if you ingage in anal or oral penitratation, this really means that it’s not sexual? This could be confusing to 13 yrs olds. I myself would like the School system or the Governor to teach PARENTS what they are trying to teach our Children.

  7. Murphy should be as concerned about teaching reading, writing, science and math as he is with instruction on anal sex and abortion. If he was NJ would lead the nation in education. He is a degenerate pig.

  8. This is satans handiwork, sodomy, and everything vile repulsive and filthy rotten and he is using the teachers union to do his immortal bidding!!!!!!

  9. Sick, twisted, perverted child pedophiles. Dirty Rotten No Good demented Pigs! They want them to be queer, trans, bi , mutilate themselves, & have sex up the butt. These people need to be behind bars. Why such a fuss over Jeffery Epstein if this is what you would allow for your children? Can’t help wonder how Hillary would like to know her grandchildren are learning anal & oral sex in school. How about Kamala’s grandkids & Bidens? Would they like it for them? Morons! I’d say, the Devil is running like a thief in the night & we allowing this sickness? We will be held accountable one day. Save your kids from perverts.


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