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As many as 246 Michigan residents considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 were later diagnosed with the virus, and three have died, state officials confirmed Monday.

The cases were reported between Jan. 1 and March 31, and the 246 had a positive test 14 or more days after the last dose in the vaccine series, said Lynn Sutfin, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, in an email.

The article goes on to state the following:

The three deaths were “all persons 65 years or older, and two of which were within three weeks of completion of vaccination,” she said. “While the majority of the population develops full immunity within 14 days of completion of their vaccine series, a small proportion appear to take longer to mount a full antibody response. CDC is actively working to better understand the risk characteristics of this group.”

According to available records on 117 of those who contracted the virus, 11 were hospitalized.  Records were incomplete for the other 129, so officials are unsure how many of those were hospitalized.

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  1. Something seems off. That is odd. Maybe the vaccines are not being taken care of properly. In our state there are no such numbers. The vaccines could have be fooled with who knows.

  2. “CDC is working to understand the characteristics of this group.” Gee, maybe they should have done that *before* they let everyone think they were safe? CDC is a negligent joke! We *are* learning about all this, because *we* are the lab rats!

  3. Not surprised. My daughter inlaws Aunt had her second shot in February. Tested positive in March, still positive. I canceled my appointment. No Thanks

  4. This experimental vaccine has not been tested enough to know if its effective or not. It hasn’t been tested for the long term effects either. Its a persons right to get the shot or not, I don’t have a problem with someone’s decision. What I can’t get straight in my mind is everyone knows that this vaccine has not been tested long enough to declare it totally safe, not to count its ingredients. The CDC hasn’t given approval to market this drug. And here we have these people lining up in droves to get the shot/vaccine, like little lambs headed to the gas chambers. Better wake up!

  5. And this is why I will not take a shot! No-one knows what you’re putting in your body! This vaccine was made too quick with no knowledge of what the coronavirus actually is and the effects! No thank you!

  6. Not FDA approved. Human beings have never had mNRA injected into them, zero liability for Big Pharma and no long term studies. Vaxxers are the lab rats. No thanks to a shot that will change my gene code and ruin my antibodies.

  7. I got the Pfizer vaccine 2 dose 2 weeks ago. While I feel a bit more relieved now that I have it I am still going to continue wearing my mask! My husband had his second dose a week ago! He is 74 and still works! I am 67 and have a couple of health issues. Neither one of us had anything but a sore arm. I am still glad I got the shot which was given at CVS Pharmacy in Texas!

    • Give it 2 years , the vaccine is a slow kill weapon it affects the protein in the cells , many scientists are saying highly possible that many folk’s will develop a mad cow , alzheimers , dementia style disease from protein crystals in the brain ! Good Luck !


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