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The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against Democrat Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, allowing the state Congress to further limit the Democratic Party’s power in state government.

Kaul lost while trying to kick Republican appointee to the Wisconsin Board of Natural Resources (DNR board), Frederick Prehn, out of his position to clear the path for Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’s new pick, according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Wisconsin Attorney General argued that Prehn unlawfully held the position after his term expired on May 1, 2021, court records show. Kaul also argued the governor had the authority to remove Prehn without cause because the position is not entitled to that protection.

The Court ruled that the expiration date of Prehn’s position does not create an automatic vacancy, thereby blocking the Democratic governor from appointing someone else to fill the position.

The report notes that “Republicans in the state Assembly and Senate have successfully limited Evers’s executive powers since he was elected in 2018.”

NBC15 News further explained:

A conservative member of the state Department of Natural Resources policy board can remain on the panel indefinitely even though his term ended more than a year ago, a divided state Supreme Court decided Wednesday.

The justices ruled 4-3 that gubernatorial appointees can hold their positions indefinitely until the state Senate confirms their successors. The decision means by not voting the Senate can ensure Republican appointees can hold their spots under a Democratic governor, giving the party at least partial control over executive branch functions.

Democrat Attorney General Josh Kaul lamented, “The people of Wisconsin selected Tony Evers to serve as governor, yet almost 3 1/2 years into his term, the Natural Resources Board remains controlled by Walker appointees. Today’s decision allows that antidemocratic situation to continue indefinitely—taking power away from Wisconsin voters, and instead leaving it to the whims of appointees of an administration that was voted out of office.”

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