REPORT: State Will Allow Human Composting After Death to Combat Climate Change

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The far-left state of California further embraced neo-paganism this week when Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law allowing the practice of composting dead human beings to better combat climate change.

Citing the high CO2 emissions associated with cremation, the bill will give people the option to give their dead remains over to a process known as natural organic reduction (NOR) should they not want to be buried or cremated.

“The process involves placing the body inside a long, reusable steel container along with wood chips and flowers to aerate it – allowing microbes and bacteria to break down the remains,” according to the Daily Mail. “One month later, the remains will fully decompose and be turned into soil.”

The report explains that the bill makes it illegal to sell or use the human compost soil for agriculture purposes.  Also, declares that human remains cannot be combined [with others] without permission or unless the two are related.

Although just signed into law, the bill does not take effect until 2027. Three other states have similar laws – Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

Author of the bill, California Democrat Assemblymember Cristina Garcia, celebrated on Twitter Monday. She wrote:

AB 351 was signed into law! It legalizes “human composting” as an after-death option. Wildfires, extreme drought, record heat waves reminds us that climate change is real and we must do everything we can to reduce methane & CO2 emissions. @Earth_Funeral

For each individual who chooses natural organic reduction (NOR) over conventional burial or cremation, the process saves the equivalent of one metric ton of carbon from entering the environment. @recomposelife

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  1. They never look at the cause. All governmental departments avoid the cause because it would hurt their donors. Why not stop factory farming? Bunch of bat shit “bought” crazies!
    Stop all the pesticides Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta…

  2. Washington state gov inslee did this a couple years ago…. I’m not surprised California did this. I call the three governors of Washington, Oregon and California the three stooges because what one does, eventually the other two do…. 😒🙄😡

    • That’s what I thought too. If one state (California, Oregon, Washington) starts or implement a crazy or disturbing idea, for sure the other two will follow immediately.
      And all other states will pick it up too.

      Just evil and sick.

  3. WOW, Soylent Green 1973 is happening in a state near you. As most thought this was a far fetched movie its getting closer to reality and California is beginning to look a lot like what this depicts

  4. California is turning into mid-evil Europe, it is rapidly sinking into the Dark Ages of superstition, uncleanness, and disease.
    Anyone with have a brain will leave California running.
    California has become the land of Fairies, Freaks, and brain dead Zombie’s.

    Can anything good come from California?

  5. Holy smokes, this is a whole new level of insanity! What about diseases within the decay? Do they die off and how long does the die off take? 🤔

    • Agree. Even if one adds bacterial or putrificative acclerants, a human body will not compost in one month in a pile of woodchips and flowers. These pagans would have to add creatures like maggots or soldier worms to do the job.

  6. The democrats don’t respect Life so why should they respect Death? They are just plain evil SOB’s and anyone that considers themselves a Democratic should really evaluate themselves. To them we are nothing more than dollars…and I guess now compost now.

  7. So besides killing full term babies, now they want to turn your deceased love ones into garbage along with all the Sh*t. This is the sickest thing I’ve ever heard. The left does not value human life. We are becoming a third world country. It kind of sounds like something Hitler would do. The thought of it sickens me.

  8. Great! Then we can plant a veg. garden in the rich soil and eat them. Oh wait, by then we will no longer be able to grow our own food! It will be against the law to even grow a tomato on a balcony!

  9. Newsom and the rest of California residents are really stupid! They come up with some of the most outrageous things and expect the rest of the country follow. Can you imagine this idiot as president?


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