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Parents in Tennessee are the hardest-hit by the baby formula shortage, new data obtained by shows – with those in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware coming a close second.

The scale of the crisis is revealed in the new analysis, which shows that only 43 percent of the usual national supply of baby formula is available.

The article goes on to state the following:

In Tennessee, 54 percent of the state’s usual supply is out of stock, in Delaware the figure is 54 percent and in Texas it is 52 percent.

Colorado was reporting the fewest problems with 26% supply out of stock. Montana and Nevada were also hit hard, while New Mexico and Indiana were the only other states with supply issues less than 30%.

The data was captured and collected in real time from 11,000 grocery stores nationwide.

What started the problem initially was in regard to hygiene procedure issues that were found in a Michigan based plant by the FDA, and where four babies ended up in the hospital and one dying. Abbott who produces there, denied any bacteria had come from their plant.

A spokesman told on Wednesday that “After a thorough review of all available data, there is no evidence to link our formulas to these infant illnesses.”

Yet the factory remains shut amid the struggling supply issues resulting from the pandemic.

REPORT: Maker of Walmart, Amazon store-brand baby formulas gives insight on how long shortage will last

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  1. Start mashing healthy food for your child. Children get their immune system from their mothers breastmilk. That stuff they are selling in the market is garbage – won’t provide what a child needs. Check it out 65% of baby food has arsenic in it.
    Wake up folks they want us dead from birth.

  2. This is Biden’s doing, I just read that the formula FDA is shipping pallets to illegal immigrants, on this site !

  3. At Amazon, scroll down to where it says United States and click on Canada They have no shortage and you should get it in a day or so. Only the US is short. This is BS


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