REPORT: Stormy Daniels regrets coming forward about alleged Trump affair. Here’s why.

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Stormy Daniels regrets ever coming forward about her alleged quickie with former President Donald Trump — accusing his “sycophants” of even attacking her horse.

The dejected-sounding porn star admitted on UK TV that she fears Trump, 76, will “get away with” the criminal charges he faces tied to alleged hush-money payouts to hide a tryst ahead of the 2016 election.

“I spoke my truth, but it was just for nothing,” Daniels, 44, complained on “Good Morning Britain” Wednesday.

“I just feel like if people don’t want to face facts and see the truth … then you know what, I’d rather have had the time back with my family,” she said, without elaborating on why she now feels Trump may get off.

“I almost feel like humans aren’t really worth saving at this point,” she said dejectedly.

“Truth doesn’t seem to matter.”

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  1. This articulate woman needs to keep the heat on the carnival barking fraud and lead his way into prison.
    MAGA would have never allowed Bill Clinton to get away with doing what they are quiet with the married knuckle dragger

    • Kohn, you mention Bill Clinton like hes done nothing wrong. Let’s see, 850k pay off to Paula Jones in hush money, 26 known accounts fling on Ebstiens Lolleta Express to his pedophilia island. Let’s look at your hero Magoo aka Biden showering with his daughter, it’s in her diary, how much more actual proof do you need. Trump has the evidence he needs to prove he didn’t know about the payment being hush money. The election commission already determined that.

    • Kohn Kohn Kohn…. You are such a piece of shit Troll. Not even a good Troll. A piece of shit Troll. You’re a piece of shit Troll Kohn. A PIECE. OF. SHIT. Go vote for Biden again

    • “ get away with doing what they are quiet with the married knuckle dragger”?

      WTF are u even talking about? You can’t even speak English

      • Ok, I’m sorry. I’ll dumb it down for you next time. Sometimes I forget I am dealing with the MAGA uneducated trailer trashed with the IQ of chimps

  2. Money grubbing bi***h! Lying sack of s**t, and she knows it. If it was all true she would have insisted to have her voice heard when it happened!

  3. Trump had no clue his rst of a lawyer paid her off and he wanted trump to repay trump should of told Rat Michael to get bent. Don’t blame trump blame her lawyer .he contacted the rat michael.

    • Padro, The Shit Stain, you can stop with the Kohn impersonations now. You can imitate me. You will never rise to be my duplicate.

  4. “…she now feels Trump may get off”. I guess she’s not as good as she thinks if he didn’t get off the first time.

  5. Stormy you fool, you keep changing your story, no wonder no one is listening to your BS

  6. Just Remember what she said it was Her Truth. Her Story So Her Truth what truth she said it all it was her Truth. More lies designed to hurt Trump. She said she wished she had not done it now. It didn’t work out like she thought it would it backfired instead. She didn’t become the most popular Porn Star she thought it would make her out to be. It didn’t make her Famous the way she thought it would. She had her 15 minutes of fame and look what it got her.

  7. Any woman who goes on national T.V. for $$$ is Trashy. No other words could explain it. She’s all about the money. If she didn’t sell her soul, there’d be no issues. She was quiet for how long? How many other men should come forward about her. Yes, she should have kept her mouth shut because she took money from somebody other than Trump & was in it for more money & to smear him. Blame yourself Lady! I’d call her dirty. She knew what she was up to but the greedy porn star wants more. Despicable! She sold herself. Don’t cry over your own doings. Nobody forced you to doing anything or forced money into your hands. You willing & knowingly took it & did what you do. Nobody feels sorry.

  8. The bitch Daniel’s can just go to hell and I wonder how much she got paid to indict Trump for something he didn’t do. So just shut your ugly mouth you bitch. And TRUMP will win and take are of our country period.

  9. Did my eyeballs get wider, or did stormy just get fatter and uglier. Not a good look. Of course, it is allegedly rare that men look at hooker’s faces. It’s all about below the belt, right stormy?

  10. She is/was and probably continues to be “paid off” by the left elites of this woke corrupt world. They continue to bash Trump, and waste tax payers money doing so. I want my refund.

  11. KOHN…..I GUARANTEE 1000%

  12. I just want to know if she reported her hush money payment as income to the IRS it’s definitely more than I would have made in two years of working at my job and I had to pay through the nose. Haven’t hear if she paid her fair share or just kept the free money.

  13. This idiot woman provided legal documents saying she lied about an affair with Trump. She still owes him money for lying. This news story is bogus.


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