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President Joe Biden’s approval rating with Hispanic respondents reached its lowest point to date in a Wednesday Quinnipiac poll — rating Biden’s performance lower than the other demographics polled.

Merely 26% of Hispanic respondents polled approved of how Biden is handling his job as president. Sixty percent disapproved.

The article goes on to state the following:

Thirty-two percent of white respondents, and 63% of black respondents approved of Biden, with 62% and 28% disapproving, respectively.

Support for Biden among Hispanics is broken down as follows:

  • 10% strongly approve
  • 16% somewhat approve
  • 16% somewhat disapprove
  • 43% strongly disapprove

In an even greater blow for Biden, a whopping 46% of Hispanic respondents said they would want to see a Republican-controlled Congress if the midterm elections were held today.

Only 34% said they would prefer a Democrat-controlled Congress.

The poll was taken from May 12-16, with 1,586 U.S. adults nationwide participating.

Washington Examiner reporter Byron York tweeted, “Notice something else in Quinnipiac poll? Biden job approval 26% among Hispanics. 26%. Playbook not working…”

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller mocked, “Turns out the radical woke agenda of pompous privileged progressives—eradicating borders, chemically castrating children, indoctrinating students, inflating the dollar, coddling criminals, celebrating abortion, sending our wealth overseas—is *very* unpopular with Hispanic voters.”

The poll also revealed devastating news for Biden among all registered voters, giving him a job approval of only 38%, and a 35% approval rating among all adults.

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  1. My biggest concern is that the Blacks still are on board for this Sinking Empty Vessel that for 50+ years has Never Helped them, WAKE UP he is one of the Biggest Bigot Racist in our country! This will backfire on the Idiot-in-Chief and his
    Minions when the illegals coming across vote against his Socialist agenda! Get out the popcorn


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