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A majority of independents believe Dr. Anthony Fauci must resign, a Trafalgar Group poll revealed on Thursday.

Fifty-eight percent of independents said Fauci should leave his position as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH). Forty-one percent of independents said Fauci should not resign.

The article goes on to state the following:

Overall, 53 percent of likely voters believe Fauci should not resign, and 46 percent suggest he should.

According to the survey, most Republicans, 76.6%, believe that it is time for Fauci to go. The survey also reveals that 23.4% of Republicans think that Fauci should remain leading the pandemic response.

See below the survey results from The Trafalgar Group.

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  1. For every single poll/survey they do I’ve never been called! What am I moldy bread? 😂 I want to know if they contact the same people every time!

    • Depends on what they want the survey to say. I was told by the president of a company I worked for once that he can make the numbers say whatever he wants them to say, same with surveys.

  2. Resign? Hang is more like it. He and many others have committed crimes against humanity and we’re not going to take anything less.

  3. The 23% plus of Republicans who believe Fauci should stay Are traders to our nation. The Republican Party is turning out to be worse than the Democrats. No morals, ethics, or patriotism.

  4. That Piece of shit need to be in prison and never practice again but he is covering for the demotrash so for now he is immune he need to be prosecuted and put in jail a disgusting human being but he’s a demotrash in my believe THE Demotrash were in this with the Chinese to bring the corona viruses to the USA to get rid of TRUMP THEY ARE KILLERS and criminals and any body voting for one of them he is the same AND THAT PARTY NEED TO BE DISMANTLED

  5. I accidentally had NPR on this morning and two women were fretting over the latest ‘variant’ omicron, and how schools have found masks slow the spread of it among children, and how many people are dying, etc. etc. And when they were talking, one of them referred to Fauci as ‘Tony Fauci’. Gee I guess they feel pretty warm and fuzzy about him. Maybe next they’ll short it to ‘Tone’. Guess they don’t want him fired.

  6. Fauci is a rotten scientist. He clears dangerous drugs and suppresses cheap drugs that he can’t make money on. Mandy infants, children and women have died under his studies. Fauci needs to be investigated.

  7. A majority of Independents believe Dr. Fauci should resign?

    Add one more, then.

    What percentage believe he should be arrested, too?

  8. Interesting poll. It basically shows a very accurate picture of how our nation is portioned; 56% liberal and 43% conservative.

    It worries me greatly that 56% of America have their heads far up their sphincters.

  9. American intelligence is extremely underestimated
    There’s plenty of doctors just as smart as Fauci
    These doctors know Fauci’s in it for the money
    Can’t wait till all this Covid cover up mess is exposed


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