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A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely voters shows that a majority — 51 percent — have a negative impression of Vice President Kamala Harris and 43 percent have a “very unfavorable impression” of her.

The poll found 46 percent of likely voters have a positive impression of Harris and 28 percent have a very favorable impression of the vice president.

17% of Democrats find Harris unfavorable, 65% of independents find her unfavorable, and 78% of Republicans find her unfavorable.

Rasmussen Reports also stated that 46 percent of voters believe Harris is qualified to assume the responsibilities of the presidency, including only 31% who say she is very qualified.

When asked, “Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable impression of Kamala Harris?” here’s how voters responded:

Somewhat Unfav% + Very Unfav % = Tot Unfav %

  • Democrats: 4% + 13% = 17%
  • Unaffiliated: 13% + 52% = 65%
  • Republicans: 10% + 68% = 78%
  • All Voters: 8% + 43% = 51%

The Rasmussen poll was conducted April 19-20, by a national survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters.

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  1. Well we know the Democrats don’t expect much as long as you are leaning far left, they are okay with it. Hopefully they will start waking up,

  2. In my opinion I believe that Schumer and Pelosi is telling Biden what to say and do. I will not be watching his stupid speech tonight.

  3. You asked 1000 out of 150+ mill that supposedly voted and came up with that? Was that like 20 from each state? 4 dems 4 rep 2 other? Huh??? What has she done to be judged on?

  4. She ran for president.. She basicly called biden a racist n a womanizer.. She didnt even poll in her campaign n holy shit is the vp…… Gtfoh…. Failure..

  5. who thinks likes the facking who’re kamala to dictate you to lectures our children that only her twenties i couldn’t imagine you let 60 year old to hit her sink hole to makes her dreams comes true ..i couldn’t imagine sleeping with age of own father ..if you likes this haha ha ha you don’t have any family values to teach you teens daughter .,she is not even proud where her originated came from Jamaican and Indian ..she is good example that our children doesn’t need to learn especially immigrants in this country but you can tell the way she dressed is an pure lousy ash who’re woman..

  6. Polls are just polls depending how one asks the questions. I would like to see Barna polls and I am sure her number would be very low. Can’t believe that woman. She has a forked tongue.

  7. The world is laughing at this administration, they walk away at meetings for God sakes !!! They pay no attention to either Biden or Harris when they speak just stare at them. Everyone knows it’s a FAUX PRESIDENCY !

  8. Every enemy of this nation is laughing at US. Any nation that would approve of a man with dementia and an adulterer as leaders, is a failing nation. If America cannot admit its abominations then we are finished. This is what happens when God is left out…all the blessings are are blowing in the wind. Perversion is upheld… and fifty percent of this nation approves…Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. We cannot expect blessings when sin is the norm.


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