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As COVID-19 cases begin to decrease, more Americans are becoming more comfortable with being in public spaces and dining out, shopping, and traveling, according to a recent poll.

The recent poll by Civic Science shows that 35% of adult Americans are “not at all concerned” with being in public spaces, while 43% are still “somewhat concerned,” and 22% are still “very concerned.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Additionally, when surveyed on how long they think they will still be following COVID-19 related guidelines and restrictions, 23% of adult Americans expect that they will still be following the guidelines six or more months down the road, while 20% felt like they’d be following the guidelines for an additional four to six months, and 35% expect to still be following the guidelines for four months or less.

The report shows the following statistics that also came from the survey:

  • 63% of Americans felt comfortable shopping in stores
  • 55% of Americans said that they felt comfortable going out
  • 39% of Americans said that they felt comfortable enough to go on a vacation

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  1. Ive always been comfortable. I dont wear a mask and im not getting vaccine. But, crossing the street is dangerous. Live life. Dont live in fear.

  2. Dont trust CNN . They used scare tactics for this virus . Yes its real but you cant hide . live your life . Take vit D And zinc . eating salmon seems to help also . Im alover the place never got sick. I dont believe the numbers are right on deaths and infections .

  3. I totally agree with all the previous comments. I am not some brainwashed, scared hypochondriac, and I am SICK TO DEATH OF ALL THE DRAMA! I want my life back before I cease to even want to live in this insane nightmare world that is being shoved down our throats. I WILL NOT COMPLY!

    • I saw a report that showed a scan of a persons brain before and after getting the “vaccine”
      and the one after showed that the part of the brain that gives you the ability to “stand up for yourself” or resist being controlled was much darker than the first scan. This vaccine is just one MORE way for them to control YOU. Yes, it may control Covid19 but it also helps to control us all. Velcome to zee tvwenty first century my comrade, NOW SHOW ME YOUR PAPERZ!!!


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