REPORT: Teacher resigns after sheriff exposes sexual video chats

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A Florida teacher resigned this week after being caught engaging in explicit video chats with her prison inmate boyfriend from her office during school hours, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Donna Barber, 52, a veteran Franklin County teacher, was told she would likely be terminated and instead opted to resign.

The case came to light earlier this month after Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith assigned a staffer to monitor the video chats of inmates at the local lockup.

Barber was seen disrobing during some of her video chats with inmate Lawrence Ray. They were allegedly engaging in sexually explicit conversations.

After a video review was performed, Barber was seen hiving “similarly explicit video conferences with Ray,” some that happened during times she was in her school office on a workday, according to Smith.

“I think parents have a right to know who is teaching their children,” Smith told The Post, explaining what he’d revealed the content of the videos.

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  1. Teacher? From the looks of the Twitter pics, more like zookeeper. Keep on keeping on with those types ladies and you’ll soon find yourself on an upcoming segment of Dateline murder mysteries.


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