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Social media messages that have reportedly surfaced on the platform Yubo following a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, show the suspected killer made threats toward other users and was casually referred to as the “Yubo school shooter” before the shooting.

Salvador Ramos, 18, harassed people online on social media and made other threats before Tuesday’s tragic shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead, Sky News reported.

The article goes on to state the following:

“People would join lives and be like, ‘Oh, hey, look it’s Yubo’s school shooter,” an unidentified 17-year-old on the platform told Sky News. Yubo is a social video live-streaming app.

The report explains that since the shooting, several social media users have come forward to share messages he had posted, including many where he commented about rape.

One person said Ramos was known to “just harass people… and would threaten rape and kidnapping and murder.”

In regard to the “school shooter” nickname he had been given, the person said, “He never tried to shut down that nickname, he seemed almost proud of it, you know.”

Shortly after the shooting, before many details were even known about the gunman, former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka tweeted: “One prediction I will make: Salvador Ramos was known to the authorities. He had made deadly threats in the past. And he wasn’t stopped by those who should have prevented his rampage.”

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  1. This is sad & disgusting on so many levels. People who are suppose to protect us turn their faces away from the danger; others know he made threats on social media & don’t say a word; a teacher leaves a door propped open; authorities lie to people; a juvenile needed serious mental health help but his parents say he was a good boy (of course) who could be a little aggressive – just turn a blind eye; politicians use the incident to try to score points on the deaths…Makes me sick & sad for this world…

  2. This turning a blind eye has to stop. Threats are not ok. Accountability begins at home and with others associated with these severely mentally ill sociopaths. Ramos actions are not a surprise by others who knew him. His mother and others need to be held accountable.

  3. Nothing was done by the school he went to , his job that he was a jerk at , social media that censor everything a conservative says but a mass murderer no red flags!!!! Now his family his mom , his grandparents and the rest of his family u raised this sicko and you didn’t notice nothing wrong??? Mom said he was a good boy wow what world does she live in??? Let’s not forget our wonderful government that refuses to deal with mental illness ., maybe because Washington is made up of complete mental illness White House 1st then congress!!! How about out liberal justice system, courts, judges and liberal teacher and parents!!! I know shit rolls down hill , but where the shit comes from needs to be address!!!

  4. I truly wish that the media, ALL media would not use the names of the shooters because their constant talking about him by name makes him a celebrity to the vulnerable and the sicko’s who then want the same celebrity status. The media should always talk about the people murdered and what he did to those families and community before ever speaking about the killer and then they need to keep it brief and to the point. The media will never do it though because their way brings clicks and eyes to their stations and websites!


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