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Knoxville, TN – It has been a wild atmosphere in Knoxville as Tennessee and Notre Dame square off in the NCAA Tournament. The Super Regionals started on Friday night, with both teams squaring off in game one. It was the fireworks from the Irish batters and the outbursts from the Vols squad that have caused controversy in Knoxville already.

In the bottom 5th inning, with Notre Dame leading 8-2, Tennessee outfielder Drew Gilbert was at bat, but what was coming next could change the dynamic of the Saturday rematch. After the home plate umpire called a strike, Gilbert looked back and told the umpire that the call was ‘F—ing Terrible’ according to a video of the incident. I am no lip-reader and could not tell from my vantage of the play, but the video looks to check out.

The article goes on to state the following:

After the umpire immediately tossed Gilbert, Tennessee pitching coach came rushing out of the dugout and shared his thoughts with the home plate umpire, which led to his ejection as well. According to NCAA rules, both Gilbert and Anderson will be forced to miss Saturday’s game because of the ejection.

The two teams will face each other again in game two on Saturday afternoon.

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