REPORT: Tennis legend backs ban for trans athletes in women’s events

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Tennis legend Martina Navratilova called World Athletics’ ban on transgender women competing in the female category a ‘step in the right direction’ to creating a level playing field.

The 66-year-old, who recently confirmed she had beaten breast and throat cancer, said the world is ‘finally waking up’ and called an open category where all genders could compete together.

Under new rules announced by Sebastian Coe, the governing body’s president, transgender women will be banned from competing in the female category at international athletics events in order to ‘prioritise fairness and the integrity of the female competition before inclusion’.

The report explains that Navratilova is a member of the Women’s Sport Policy Working Group, and has called for a new “open” category for all transgender athletes, separate from biological girls and biological women.

In an interview with The Times, Navratilova said:”I think the best idea would be to have “biological female” and “biological girls” categories and then an “open” category. It would be a category for all-comers: men who identify as men; women who identify as women; women who identify as men; men who identify as women; non-binary — it would be a catch-all.”

 Navratilova explained the many ways the male body is different than the female body. In addition to skeletal structure and muscle mass, she noted that even men’s lung capacity is 25 to 50 percent greater than women’s.

“If you can breathe faster and deeper, that is a massive advantage in top-level sport,” she said.

She also noted that once a biological man has gone through male puberty, “there is no way to erase that physical advantage.”

On March 13, former elite marathon runner Mara Yamauchi had tweeted, “Hannah Arensman, who was deliberately shoved by male Killips in the women’s race at US nationals recently, has quit cycling. NO MALES IN WOMEN’S SPORTS!!! #SaveWomensSports.”

Navratilova responded, “This will happen more and more. I am so tired of women having to keep making concessions, just tired of it.”

On Sunday Navratilova reacted to a Fox News report titled, “ESPN honors Lia Thomas in ‘Celebrating Women’s History Month.'”

“Go figure….,” she wrote.

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