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Buffer Insurance condemned “secular” companies’ response to the end of Roe v. Wade, vowing instead to support female employees who get pregnant and even cover the costs of giving birth.

The Texas-based company vowed to offer maternity and paternity leave to employees who have children, as well as cover the costs of their female employees giving birth. The company also promised to help out employees seeking to adopt children.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Secular companies are paying the travel costs for employees to abort babies out-of state,” Buffer wrote in a Facebook post. “Today we are announcing that Buffer will pay the costs for our employees who birth babies.”

The June 27 Facebook post has already garnered hundreds of comments. Responding to one Facebook user’s remarks, Buffer Insurance wrote:

Hi Paul Saab, I think you have some pre-conceived judgments about our company. You said we should have done this decades ago….in fact, we are only about 4.5 years old.

The bare minimum? Can you name at least 5 or 10 companies out of the hundreds of thousands that are paying essentially “birth bonuses” to their employees? Or who are also supporting adoption?

We understand maternity leave is common for large corporations, but it is absolutely not common for small companies. Which the majority of Americans are working for small businesses, not large corporations.

In another Facebook post on July 1, Buffer Insurance announced:

At Buffer Insurance, our benefits aren’t just for our clients. Our employees are supported with parental perks such as
+ Paid time off for new mothers and fathers
+ Covered medical costs associated with childbirth and adoption
+ Medical expense tax savings strategies
Employers – If you’d like to learn how you can provide these benefits to your employees, let us know. We have ready-to-use policies you can add to your employee handbooks.

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  1. Praise God leave it to a company in Texas to come up with a right idea to pay for the birth of a child instead of paying for the murder of an innocent child. But thank God somebody has a wonderful idea to protect the unborn. I wish this company well and pray for their success.

  2. Awesome news! These are the companies to support!!! We need more companies to stand up like this! Congrats Buffer! Job well done!!


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