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Texas State Rep. Philip Cortez was one of roughly 60 Democratic lawmakers who abandoned a special session of the legislature to prevent the passage of a voting reform bill, but more than a week after he and his colleagues flew off to Washington, D.C., he has decided to go back home and address the issue.

Cortez posted a statement online explaining that he was asked by fellow Democrats in his home state to come back and help them work on improving the bill.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I proudly stood with my Democratic colleagues and left Texas to ensure House Bill 3 would not be approved as introduced. A small working group of Democrats decided to begin active discussions here in Austin on improving HB 3 and asked that I return to establish open communication lines,” Cortez said. “I returned to Texas to try to engage in good faith dialogue about the aspects of the bill that I, and others, think are harmful.”

Reporter Christian Flores explained, “Confirmed Rep. Philip Cortez has returned to Texas from Washington, D.C. Rep. Harold Dutton also returned today, but I’m told he wasn’t part of original plans to stay in D.C. Cortez was, leaving 56 of the original 57 still in D.C. Now, the House is 9 members away from a quorum.”

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  1. How come he’s not in jail? Do what you preach Gov. Abbott. That’s why dems pull this crap nothing happens to them. They get away with everything.

  2. He read the writing on the wall. Texans don’t like weasels that run from their responsibility. These jackasses will have consequences.

  3. There is no such thing as “good faith dialogue”. Voter ID is not for debate. CITIZENS WANT VOTER ID OVERWHELMINGLY!!! Grow up and DO YOUR JOBS worthless Democrats taking Texas taxpayer money for playing in DC.

  4. Good faith would have been if Democrats didn’t go on their DC junket in the first place. There should be no pay days for anyone who left.

  5. He needs to spend a day in jail so this BS doesn’t happen again. Democrats would do it in a heart beat. Quit playing nice.

  6. Abbot, since you were so bold to say they’d all be arrested, if you don’t arrest every last one of them, your word will mean NOTHING going forward!!! Don’t be a RINO and do what you said! You’ll be a laughing stick if you don’t!!

  7. Why do they think its so hard to vote? All you need us a voter ID and a photo ID. First time voters need to show they are legal with birth certificate/papers to get a voter ID. Its that simple. Dems want illegals to vote is why they say its so hard for people to vote.

  8. DON’T CAVE to the Democrats!! They pulled their little stunt to get their way. If you talk about “improving” the bill, the Dems will foresee it as a victory and will continue their little tantrums.

  9. I blame most of our government problems on the Republican Party. Rino’s in the house. Remember their name at voting time Texans. It’s time to do recalls like CA.

  10. He should be arrested. Do what you said, Governor Abbott.

    And, the costs for the legislative session, that couldn’t go forward with any actions, should be split among all who left, including this one who returned, and they should have to reimburse the State of Texas for these costs. Actions have consequences, and the consequences mean more if money is involved.

    The money should have to come from their personal bank accounts, with no “donations” allowed, nor should they be allowed to use any campaign money.

  11. NO DEALS!
    They see their little stunt is going nowhere so now they are wanting to walk it back to save face.
    If you compromise with them, the own you. Do not capitulate!
    Let them learn the tough love lessons the hard way.


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