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DEL RIO, Texas— Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s effort to use state law enforcement to enforce immigration law by arresting migrants for trespassing is overwhelming local courts and resulting in few convictions.

Just 3% of the about 1,500 people arrested on misdemeanor trespassing charges since July as part of what Mr. Abbott calls Operation Lone Star have been convicted, all via guilty pleas, according to court records.

The article goes on to state the following:

As of Nov. 1, some 1,006 migrants were jailed under the initiative. The state has focused resources for Operation Lone Star in two border counties, Kinney and Val Verde. Of them, 53% have been there longer than 30 days and 14% longer than 60 days, according to court records. Two men from Cuba were in jail 98 days after they were arrested.

The report notes that only the federal government has authority to deport the migrants.

Lawyers for the migrants have stated that some men jailed under Operation Lone Star are being released into the U.S. while they pursue immigration cases.

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  1. I think it is time for a change in the law. The states should have the right to send these illegals back to their country of origin. The Feds are refusing to do it.

  2. Implant trackers in them, then dump across border letting them know if they come back they will be deported to Middle East to help restock the terrorists OBiden is bringing into country !!!!


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