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UVALDE, Texas — A mom who pulled her fourth grade daughter out of class minutes before Tuesday’s Texas shooting massacre that killed 19 of her classmates, including four relatives, and two teachers was grappling with “overwhelming guilt” about her life-saving decision.

Mia and her daughter Evalynn spoke to The Post from Uvalde on Thursday on what was supposed to be the day Evalynn held an annual sleepover to celebrate the last day of school with her best friend Layla Salazar, who was slain in the attack.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I can’t eat, couldn’t think because of the overwhelming amount of guilt,” said Mia, who did not want her family’s last name published.

“I was able to take my daughter out, but what could’ve happened if we were there just five minutes later?” the mother asked, adding, “There is so much guilt right now. My heart goes out to all of the families who are suffering. … And now we have 11 funerals to attend.”

Earlier that morning, an end of the year awards ceremony had been held at the school, and several parents had opted to take their children home after the ceremony.

Mia got permission from her daughter’s teacher, Alfonso Reyes, and took her daughter out of school for the rest of the day.  They had just sat down to eat at the Sunrise Restaurant when they heard sirens start going off.

“We kind of brushed it off at first but a Border Patrol agent was sitting next to us and his radio kept going off. He was listening at first but he rushed out of there quickly. They told him he could pay later,” Mia recalled.

She then received a robocall from the school announcing that the school was on lockdown, and Evalynn began sobbing, worried about her friends, and especially worried about her best friend, Layla.

Later, they would learn that Layla was among those killed.  They had made plans for Layla come come for a sleepover on Thursday.

Mia is now racked with guilt, saying Layla had asked to go home with them after the awards ceremony, but Mia said she couldn’t take her out of school without her parents’ permission.

News Nation reporter Brian Entin shared a video clip of a Mother’s Day video Layla Salazar had just posted earlier this month.

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  1. There is no reason for this mother to feel guilty for pulling her daughter out of school just before the shooting. Although her feeling is understandable on behalf of the slain students, she had absolutely no idea that the shooting would be taking place. From a religious standpoint, she was most likely guided by her Guardian Angel whereas the shooter was guided by Satan.


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