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A Washington Post opinion column Thursday addressed every single Second Amendment-supporting American in the second person and declared, “You. It’s your fault” that the Texas school shooting and others happened.

The hyper-judgmental, accusatory post from columnist Christine Emba denounced people who argue that mass shootings are caused by external forces other than the fact that we have gun rights in this country.

The article goes on to state the following:

Mocking them, she wrote, “The problem is mental illness. The problem is lone-wolf gunmen. The problem is soft targets. The problem is evil. The problem is them, over there; it’s their fault that the kids keep getting killed. Wrong the problem is you.”

Emba said Barack Obama was right for he criticizing Americans for loving their guns.

“Way back in 2008, then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was castigated for saying that some Americans ‘cling to guns,’ and for suggesting that this was unreasonable or unhealthy,” Emba wrote. “The evidence — which is to say the pileup of bodies year after year — suggests he was correct.”

Emba said other politicians saw the backlash after Obama’s statements, and that they “learned what not to say. They learned not to point fingers, because they knew that they, too, would be accused of hating freedom, loving tyranny, overreaching in pursuit of control. They learned not to say the obvious.”

“These mass shootings aren’t acts of God. The status quo is bad. Our lack of action on guns is killing people, and someone is to blame,”Emba went on. “But who? You. It’s your fault.”

The “you” Emba is referring to is “the gun-obsessed minority who lord over our politics and prevent change from being made,” the columnist explained. “You, who mumble ‘thoughts and prayers’ but balk at action.”


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  1. If it’s my fault then come get your big boy pants on and come get them! Got my F-15’s and nukes ready, ain’t that right Biden

  2. No, it is not supporters of the Second Amendment that is the reason, it is the moral decay of this country by liberal news like yours

  3. Liberal liberals liberals democrats
    Don’t fix the problem like liberal justice, liberals law , open borders and a dumb ass in the White House

  4. Yawn. I get it. She has no journalistic abilities and is solely driven by politics. It’s ok. She’s not alone. Almost all of them are that way.

    She could not by farther from the truth, sadly for her. Unfortunately, like all the rest of the politicians, she just wants to throw out blame because she hopes it will bring her power. In fact, no one will sit down and discuss the mental health crisis that’s crippling our country and the root cause of all these shootings.

    Why don’t the liberals want to talk about the mental health crisis? Good question. Perhaps it’s because their crazed left-wing supporters can’t handle the truth about mental health and gender dysphoria (like in Uvalde), homelesssness, black supremacists, etc. In turn, it’s easier to blame the problems on gun owners when they refuse to enforce the gun laws on the books in Democrat run jurisdictions.

    All of this is a show. Never give up your guns!!! The Dems are working to eliminate police as we know it but don’t want you to protect yourself. That’s a non-starter.

    Gun control doesn’t work in ANY Democrat run jurisdiction in America but they want conservatives to jump on board that sinking ship. No thanks.

  5. So another nut job wants to pass more laws to limit guns. How about making it illegal to take a firearm on school grounds and even go so far as to outlaw murder, wait those laws are already on the books. How is a new law any more powerful than an old law? Then Soros backed prosecutors and judges let them off with a light slap on the hand and ignore the criminal factor. Let’s convict and sentence the criminals to be removed from society forever.

  6. The problem is people like you. The problem is run a muck social media where killing is not punished. Children spending hours on social media and x box games. The problem is parents not monitoring their kids. As was said in a quote, “when Cain killed Abel with a rock, God did not ban rocks. There needs to be an honest discussion and solutions about the mental illness created in our children by social media. Every since they were created in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, we have seen a tremendous rise in events like Ulvade and Sandy Hook etc. These news media people should be working for remedies not division. YOU WILL NEVER eliminate the second amendment

  7. These idiots murder unborn chidlren and call it “Healthcare” while they say they care about these children? LUAGHABLE.
    This guy is one of their own…they bred him and gave the green light for this terrorist act. This is about gun grabbing because they are pissed off about R v Wade being overturned. This is their retaliation to come after our chidlren and set up these school shootings to come after our 2A rights. They can go to Hell with their fake outrage and we will keep our guns and R v Wade will be overturned. Murdering unborn children is not a right, but keeping guns to protect ourselves from these loonatics, is our right. Just tell them to shut up.
    Oh and didn’t they stay silent knowing he was going to go to the school and do this..if they care so much about these chidlren why did no one report him to authorities to prevent it? Oh yeah they knew and they stayed silent so they could use it for this very purpose.

    Did the car kill the people at the Christmas Parade ? Or did the car need a person to drive it to commit murder ? Inanimate objects need people to power them !
    Better get right with the LORD…

  9. Washington post is a Communist newspaper. They are all sick low life’s. Wont trust this guy watching dead fish on a lake.

  10. This is a great example of what we have to put up with. Far left fanatics. I will never give up my right to bare arms. I will protect my family at all cost. Foreign and domestic.

  11. Surprise surprise, the Washington Compost takes The default “Liberal” position….proving once again the The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing.

    The only other thing I will say:


  12. Question
    If our liberal,let them go, Don’t prosecute them,Judicial system is not directly responsible for this then I am a complete idiot
    Just take NYS
    They have closed 6 Federal prisons
    Released 8000 convicted felons and there is NO justice there as it is reported on a daily basis
    No accountability
    Until our Judicial system properly does it’s job, sadly to say, this will never change.


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