REPORT: Texas school shooting suspect’s mother seen praying on front porch [Photo]

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UVALDE, Texas – Adriana Reyes, the mother of Texas school shooting suspect Salvador Ramos, was praying on the front porch of her parents’ Uvalde home on Thursday evening, the same home where her son allegedly shot his grandmother on Tuesday before going on a murderous rampage at an elementary school less than a mile away.

Reyes appeared emotional, rocking back and forth as she murmured prayers and held what looked like a rosary in her hands.

The article goes on to state the following:

Earlier in the day on Thursday, Reyes’s father, Rolando, told Fox News Digital that his daughter is “feeling bad for everybody,” but added, “She lost her son, too.”

When questioned by a Fox News reporter, Reyes just responded, “I am praying.”

In a separate interview, Reyes reportedly said, “I have no words, because I don’t know what he was thinking, he had his reasons for doing what he did, please don’t judge him.”

“To the innocent children forgive my son.”

WATCH: Graphic video shows hallway where Texas school shooter opened fire on grandmother

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  1. What really puzzles me is teenagers buying these assault rifles. The rifles cannot be cheap and where do teens get money to purchase these guns. Something just does not feel right about all of this. Look at his home. They are not rich. Just puzzling. Maybe someone needs to follow the money that was used to purchase these weapons?

  2. This is “THE UNFORGIVABLE SIN” taking innocents lives, lives that may have among them, someone who does great things for our country OR CURES CANCER! We will NEVER know but ALL THESE CHILDREN AND ADULTS HAD A GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO

  3. Someday we’ll learn more about all these questions we are needing answers to. I haven’t seen any info if this teen had a job. How can he afford to purchase firearms? Did he steal money from his GrandMother to make that purchase? Maybe that’s one of the reasons Police (in the past) were called to settle domestic abuse issues in that family. We know the Mother had a past with drugs. I would suspect she’s feeling guilty of not being there for her Mother and son. So many questions to be learned and still nothing we learn could make any sense of this horrific crime.

  4. There is a sickness in the country. The liberals want abortions at 9 months, no police presence, cheating, lying, men having babies, many sexual orientations, children identifying as animals…….come on! This country IS better than this. Makes me sick and makes GOD angry. We need to go back to values, we need to go back to teaching the basics, we need to stop being so self centered and we need to put prayer back into schools


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