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Top experts warned Saturday at the Reagan National Defense Forum that the standing of the U.S. as the “partner of choice” amongst global allies has waned following the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst joined top officials at the Regan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, California, Saturday and stated during a panel that U.S. credibility was “jeopardized in the last year with the hasty and haphazard withdrawal of Afghanistan.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Experts are concerned that a global power shift could be at play if other world leaders are skeptical about the reliability of the U.S. to act as a strong partner.

Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffen explained that, during the event on Saturday, “Secretary Austin asked by @BretBaier if he regrets anything about Afghan pullout. Austin: “I regret that we lost 13 Americans at Abbey Gate. I regret that we had an errant drone strike kill 10 civilians.” But adds the US military evacuated 124,000 Afghans in 17 days.”

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) tweeted, “.@POTUS Biden’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan has allowed the Taliban to return to their violent and barbaric ways of ruling. The Biden Admin must develop a new counterterrorism strategy to address the looming threats in Afghanistan.”

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  1. So we flew 174000 Afghans into the US in17 days, most of which were unvented and we left 100s of US citizens behind along with billions in military hardware .sound like a smart move to me

  2. We abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, and rescued Afghans. We left working military equipment, rather than blow it up. Not a record to be proud of, Austin. Your mission was a failure.

  3. How about Biden’s video from back before he was senile, saying we could pull out in seven months IF we left all the equipment behind, but that it would be used on our soldiers and their sons and daughters in the future… looks like he forgot about that.

  4. What nightmare leaving Americans behind but saved others. I always thought it was our country and citizens before all else. 13 Americans could not be saved but saved thousands of Afghans …😕🙁

  5. I agree with all. I have no problem bringing people who worked with us but he let hundreds of unveted, probable enemies in to our country. They should have been kept somewhere else until they could be properly checked. This administration is bent on destroying America from the inside out. And leaving hundreds of Americans behind & giving the taliban a list is unforgivable. Biden & his administration from vp, Dod, To the military brass have a lot of blood on their hands. It’s sickening. But God will deal out justice in the end. Spoiler Alert. I read the book and Christians win. Judgement day will come & it’s closer than a lot of people realize. God Bless America Again. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. We want to know how many Americans did you rescue; and how many did you leave behind to be tortured and butchered by the evil Taliban??? God knows; and you all will answer to Him!!! Please pray that God makes a way for our people to be rescued!!!

  7. This fool in our house has placed each Americans life in danger. We are in danger from all the enemies he has let in like the 200,000 Muslims and the 350,000 that is now 3 times that number as they breed like rats. Not one was ever vetted or jabbed or in lockdowns Biden himself has killed and entire seal team 6 Giving their position to enemy the enemy . And now our people he didn’t get out but brought the Muslims instead and expect money to house them While giving the Taliban the kill list of Americans This is just a drop as to what he has done and intends to do
    We had better be ready to fire.
    Now tell me this pathetic excuse for a man who is suppose to be for America that stole our house Should still be there.

  8. Biden is only the figure head of our country and those controlling him are handing our former allies over to our enemies and slowly our country as well. The current government doesn’t give a damn about us they are only in it for the money, power, and prestige they gather for themselves! Allowing unvetted refugees and illegal aliens is setting our country and people up for terrorist attacks!


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