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The start of the mental health crisis in the United States, particularly among young people, can be tied to an exact era in time: the advent of social media and smartphone technologies.

A review of key indicators of despair over time in the U.S. — including suicide rates, drug overdoses and reports of anxiety — shows that the intensification of America’s mental health decline coincides almost perfectly with the invention of smartphones and the popularization of social media. The number of mass shootings, especially those conducted by young males, also ticks up in the same time period.

The article goes on to state the following:

The first iPhone was released in the United States in June 2007. Facebook was opened up to anyone aged 13 or over in 2006. Instagram launched in 2010, and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were released in 2005 and 2006, respectively. The mental health of teenagers and young adults has plummeted rapidly since the mid-2000’s, as screen time and social isolation have skyrocketed.

DML NewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) recently interviewed Dr. Nick Kardaras on The DML Podcast to discuss how social media and gaming are contributing to kids who want to kill.

DML and Kardaras discussed the digital landscape and how it is destroying young people. Listen here:

DML (Ep86): How social media and online gaming are creating kids who kill

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  1. The author Nicholas Kardaras wrote a book called “Glow Kids”. It highlighted the dangers of cognitive changes made by long term exposure of digital devices and children.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, DML!!! With social media and kids trying to compete with each other and violent video games, what do we expect?!? The internet can be a good thing for finding out information but it’s very harmful to our psychological feelings and behavior!! I’ve felt this for years now!! I think violent video games should be stopped and the sooner the better! Jmo

    • Exactly what I was going to say! Parents are allowing electronics and social media to babysit and entertain their children!

  3. Lack of Spirituality! They did not teach their children. They allow society to shape morals. The result soulless people who are evil.

  4. It takes parenting & families., neighbors, neighborhoods, churches, Teachers.. to raise healthy responsible kids that want to live a productive life.
    The video games, Cable TV movies, cellular phones, play stations etc. all of these things are taking young peoples self esteem & suffocated every single healthy brain cell.. it is time to take a stand it’s not these Children Responsibility to raise themselves‼️ It is time for parents to put your damn devices down with your texting & chat rooms & tend to your children turn off their phones games monitor these kids for the love of God‼️

    • I totally with Suzanne. Kids continue to be brainwashed by the most
      Graphic violent games and movies from an early age.
      They are not disciplined about usage of time with smart phones.
      I see families at restaurants where all four, mom, pop and kids are all
      Face down into their phones. No talking, laughing or any emotion at all.
      The rappers rap about violence and sex. Children are not allowed to be
      Educated according to their age maturity.
      How do you reverse this advent of this poisoning of the minds of our generations?
      How do you turn back the time? Time of technology geared to the fast buck, and anything goes? With so many advances of the modern world to help to facilitate humans With work and more no one has invented a way to a more intelligent, respectful way of communicating. Of a constructive way to teach respect to young people. Not to mention teaching about God.
      Television shows are all violent and the news media give emphasis to negative news all day and night.. social media is over played.
      We could go on and on. Not seeing any positivity for our future generations.
      The age of innocence is gone forever!

  5. These kids live in a sense of “non-reality” in a way. A lot of them think that life is a big video game. Yes, parenting is a big reason too. Spank their ass!

  6. There is and has been another trend which is much less obvious, less known or understood and pretty much never reported on which relates to the mental health of minors – and that is the wide spread use of a certain class of anti-depressant meds which have the not minor side effect of suicidal AND HOMICIDAL IDEATION. Also hallucinations. Some Mental health professionals who fully understand this have tried to shine light on this for 2 decades, have testified in courts, have tried to get these drugs off the market, all to NO avail! More blame can be placed on the pharmaceutical industry once again for this. And still we never hear about it as a factor (well mainstream media is pretty much controlled by big pharma $$). If this and other shootings were not set up, or even if they were, what kind of drugs was the shooter on?? Was the Uvalde shooter on any psychiatric meds? These questions must be asked too as it’s all too common. And then perhaps these kids or ppl are used in a way for some bigger agenda, and it’s easy. There could be mind control involved as well. Just sayin’.

  7. The Chinese Government has a very strict law which prohibits any child to be on a electronic device for more than three hours per week. That’s their government. Maybe we need more ads on TV warning parents about the dangers of these devices. And parents must pay more attention to their kids. These devices weren’t meant to babysit your kids.

  8. SSRI anti depressants. Every damn time ! The last thing we need is “ mental health “ . That is throwing gasoline on a fire

  9. Just like guns, it’s not the social media & games. Its the lack if parenting. Parents are not teaching their kids, not controlling video game playing, time on social media and talking to their kids about reality.

    Social skills also need to be taught, discipline instilled, and rewards given only when achieved. Children are not “PRINCESSES” and “PRINCES” and are not special until they achieve being special, being mediocre is NOT SPECIAL.

    Parents need to go back to the basics, schools need to go back to the basics, and God in your family must be instilled.

  10. I disagree.

    I believe the societal changes date back to the jerk LBJ and the implementation of his “great society.”

    The government began paying for all of the out of wedlock children and the fathers of these children became sperm donors only.

    They no longer had to be responsible for their actions, and they’re not around when the children are growing up.

    And rather than continuing to frown on out of wedlock children, that became normalized, much to the detriment of society.

    The “great society” has become the ruination / downward slope for the family unit and for self-responsibility and self respect.

    We need the government to stop paying for everything and make us support ourselves again – with very limited federal government payouts.

  11. Children also need to learn to lose. A trophy for everyone is ridiculous. Learning to lose is very important in developing a healthy psychie. Also, no child ‘needs’ a cell phone. My kids didn’t get one until high school, when they started driving. Also we did not allow video game systems in our home. Our kids engaged in sports and active volunteer organizations and activities. They had standard school day schedules. School, homework, sports or org, dinner, family, bed. Weekends were planned family or friend fun. Both are goal oriented adults, cum lauded college grads, with brilliant futures ahead and great friends and loves in their lives. Parenting, discipline, love and guidance are the pillars of developing good people.


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