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Several of the countries that pursued a “zero-COVID” strategy or otherwise implemented harsh lockdown restrictions are now facing their most devastating waves of the pandemic.

In the U.S., COVID-19 has been on a steady decline since January in terms of both cases and deaths. In places like China, South Korea and New Zealand, officials that were once lauded for a highly effective pandemic response are now facing drastic spikes in cases and deaths.

The article goes on to state the following:

China implemented perhaps the most draconian measures in the world to fight COVID-19, deploying advanced tech to track each citizen’s every movement, lock people in their homes if exposed to the virus and shutting down entire cities at the first sign of a small outbreak. Numbers reported by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which are disputed by many experts, painted a picture of a massive country keeping spread of the virus to an impressively limited level. According to CCP data, the country averaged less than 200 cases per day from March 2020 all the way until February 2022.

The Caller notes that China is now “being overwhelmed with outbreaks.”

Another country, South Korea, was hailed as having the best pandemic response globally with strict surveillance and tracing tools. Although they did not impose severe lockdowns, “South Korea’s policies were highly invasive,” the Caller reports.  Yet in March 2022, daily cases peaked at over 621,000. its death count more than doubled in that month alone.

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  1. All your technology in the world will not protect you from a virus. It has to burn and you have to create natural immunity in populations. Scientists know this but we followed the great Fraudci whose silenced and paid off experts

  2. These countries also have the highest numbers of “vaccinated” not mentioned here. But they want us to believe it’s the return of SARS Cov2 making ppl sick and causing death when actually it’s the experimental injections. Side effects yeah including compromised immunity but they are still using those fraudulent PCR tests. Easy cover-up. But ppl will be catching on to this deception more n more. Bruce Willis aphasia, and no connection to that he was vaxxed? Really? They won’t show how that was determined bc they can’t. It’s a side effect/symptom of brain inflammation from mRNA or even DNA injection.

  3. How come when someone prominent in our country and have been jabbed use the same line of their symptoms were mild thanks to being fully vaccinated. Wonder why we’re not hearing that line now from this huge outbreak.


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