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Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) on Friday commuted the sentence of a death row inmate following revelations about the inmate’s childhood abuse.

Raymond Tibbetts, 61, was convicted more than 20 years ago in the killing of his wife and another man in separate incidents on the same day.

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Kasich commuted Tibbets’s sentence to life without the possibility of parole, according to CBS News.

“Specifically, the defense’s failure to present sufficient mitigating evidence, coupled with an inaccurate description of Tibbetts’ childhood by the prosecution, essentially prevented the jury from making an informed decision about whether Tibbetts deserved the death sentence,” Kasich said in a statement.

Tibbetts received a sentence of life in prison for killing his then-42-year-old wife during an argument about his crack cocaine habit, and a death sentence for fatally stabbing a man for whom Tibbetts was working as a caretaker.

In recent months, a former juror on the case reportedly brought forward information on Tibbetts’s behalf regarding his childhood, which he said was not properly presented at his trial.

Tibbetts described the abuse in an application for mercy last year, saying that he and his brothers had been tied to a single bed, beaten, burned and not fed properly, according to CBS News.

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  1. Leave it to #KommieKaSick⚠️

    John used to be a conservative but follows the mob mentality…..hope he runs in 2020🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣What a weak person.
    KaSick also stopped passage of ‘HeartbeatBill’ even after Oh senate/house voted to enforce bill….hes not prolife like he claims. What a disgusting lib

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