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The left-wing news media didn’t just poison the information environment with their incessantly negative coverage of President Trump going into the 2020 election. They also refused to give airtime to important arguments of the Republican campaign — both pro-Trump and anti-Biden — which meant millions of voters cast their ballots knowing only what the media permitted them to know about the candidates.

To measure the true effect of the media’s censorship on the election, the Media Research Center asked The Polling Company to survey 1,750 Biden voters in seven swing states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), six of which (all but North Carolina) were called for Biden (survey details below). We tested these voters’ knowledge of eight news stories — all important topics that our ongoing analysis had shown the liberal news media had failed to cover properly. We found that a huge majority (82%) of Biden voters were unaware of at least one of these key items, with five percent saying they were unaware of all eight of the issues we tested.

The article goes on to state the following:

This lack of information proved crucial: One of every six Biden voters we surveyed (17%) said they would have abandoned the Democratic candidate had they known the facts about one or more of these news stories. A shift of this magnitude would have changed the outcome in all six of the swing states won by Joe Biden, and Donald Trump would have comfortably won a second term as president.

The report highlights the following:

The media buried Biden’s bad news.

  • The survey found that 35.4% of Biden voters were completely unaware of the sexual assault allegations made against Biden by a former staffer, Tara Reade.  Out of those, 8.9% said they would not have voted for Biden if they had known. This alone would have flipped all the swing states  won by Biden (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), giving President Trump  a win with 311 electoral college votes.
  • Regarding the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, another story suppressed by the liberal media, a whopping 45.1% of all Biden voters said they had never heard of it, and 9.4% of those said they would not have voted for Biden if they had known. Again, this would have flipped all six of the swing state and given the win to Trump.
  • On Kamala Harris’s record of being the most far-left of any Senator, 25.3% of Biden voters said they did not know about it. If they had known, 4.1% of those said they would have ditched Biden.

The media hid Trump’s successes.

  • On jobs, economic growth, Middle East peace deals, Trump receiving 3 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, and Energy Independence, a range of 39.4% to 50.5% of Biden voters said they had no idea about these successes.
  • On all issues, over 5% of these Biden voters said they would not have voted for him if they had known – which would have easily flipped the election results in the key battleground states and given the win to President Trump.
  • On the coronavirus pandemic, over 36.1% of Biden voters said they were not aware about the Trump administration’s role in promoting vaccine research. Again, 5.3% said they would have dumped Biden if they’d known.

CLICK HERE to read the full report.

To get more information about this article, please visit NEWSBUSTERS.ORG.


  1. Election do over please, and this time maybe with better tracking! And with both parties watching and counting. With the American people watching on TV ( or the record player, as Biden would say)TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🙏❤

  2. I’ll never watch main stream media again, I can get everything I need to know right here in my hand, I don’t need to waist my time being lied to, if I want to hear a fairytale I’ve got plenty of my granddaughters books.

  3. Oh well. What’s done is done. Those who voted for Biden can now wait another 4 -8 years for the freebies they think are coming their way but never will. They should read or reread Animal Farm and 1984 maybe they will finally get it.

  4. This story makes me nauseous!! People NEED to do their own investigation. With the magnitude of avenues, due diligence is a must!! The media needs a good sacking and penalized for their bias-fake news!! Follow the money!!

  5. Social media is to blame in this also! There should be many lawsuits regarding this censoring! All major liberal msm and FB and Twitter and google! It’s unfair to the average American to withhold this information!

  6. This is so sad. I wonder if the American people could make such a huge uproar to get a re-do on this election. There HAS TO BE SOMETHING WE THE PEOPLE CAN DO.

  7. There is no excuse for ignorance among these voters, they “didn’t know”??? That’s why they only listen to cnn, msnbc, abc, nbc, etc, all liberals! When voting we need to inform ourselves and do our own research, we shouldn’t be dependent solely on the media, especially in these times when they are openly biased. They literally handed our country to anti-American career politicians!! Ugh I am so mad!

    • That’s exactly right! Shame on people for not paying attention and doing more research on the candidates before something as important as voting for the President of the U.S.A.!! President Trump did more in his one term than most do in two! I’m SOooo bummed!!!

    • In order to be informed, it takes an act of God to obtain the correct information. A person can go to the web for truthful information, but they need to go to the deepest depths of the well to get it. Google (the well) also suppresses the information we seek….just like Facebook and the mainstream media. So, just how is the average working person suppose to have the time to do all this digging? It should be readily available for all to read and evaluate.

    • I don’t know about soylent Green but I do know judgement day will soon be on us and the liars and deceivers will have plenty to answer for

  8. There is something called the World Wide Web, where you can find any and all information about almost anything and anyone. Blaming Big Tech and low-life “media” for suppressing information no longer holds water. It’s is firmly in the hands of Americans to make themselves aware of exactly who they are voting for. Well, over 72 million weren’t stupid. As for the rest, what can you say? There is absolutely no reason to stay “uninformed” these days.

  9. I agree our media is almost worthless. What really frightens me is WHY? Why be in the tank? What payback was received? Do they HATE our country so much or WAS it something else? $$$? Ratings? Their high intellect? How do we find out?

    • Research Operation Mockingbird for your answer, and then take a second look at JFK’s assassination. There is a reason why it is considered the Third Rail of American Journalism! Write me back if you still can’t puzzle it out.

  10. What a shame the mainstream news & big tech social media did everything to keep the people in the dark about key issues! I will not wAtch any of them!

  11. Some people just don’t want to
    Know the truth, one person told me when I try to educate them about the Democrats, Biden’s, Clintons etc. “ if I ignore it , it might go away .” REALLY ?! I asked her if that’s how she handled everything in her life and how that worked for her !!!

  12. It is call brainwashing. MSM repeating the same negative propaganda on all alphabet networks. Conditioned to not think for themselves. It is really interesting to actually listen to the emphasis on certain words and phrases used, and the tone of voice, too.

  13. Democrats aren’t the sharpest crayon in the box , look at their cities….and they keep voting in democrat leader’s. So it doesn’t surprise me they didn’t know a lot about Biden. Of course we know it’s because they watch the ABC networks.

  14. My neighbor is a democrat and before the election I had talked to him about Pres. Trump and what he has done and my neighbor didn’t believe anything I told him. I ended our conversation with “you may want to do a little research and not on mainstream media”

  15. Well how disgusting it is that we don’t use common good common sense when the news comes on! People should do there on research! I don’t even read books that point a finger outward! Look what our President has done for our country! WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND WOULDN’T WANT 4 MORE YEARS OF THE SAME!!!!!!

    • Your comments are 100% correct, the American electorate will pay a dear price for their ignorance and their stupidity to blindly listened to and follow the corrupt lying news media’s

  16. Unacceptable, but no consequences for a biased media that would have made 1930’s Germany proud… Propaganda works well on an ignorant population… Unfortunately it cost us our President…

  17. Too late….the republican rinos set up our president and were no dfferent that the filthy dems and the #1 enemy of the people…the main stream media. President Trump was misled and didn’t prepare for the dishonest election as he should have….he didn’t think that the dems would outright steal it away from him. Never forget what the media did to Trump supporters. They MUST pay a price! Any Republican that didn’t support Trump needs to be voted out. We must remember who they are. No good RINO Bas$#ar&s!

  18. We, the American public, need to file a class action lawsuit against the MSM, Google, Facebook, Twitter and any other affiliates, (ie The View) in cohoots with them!!

  19. There should be a re vote. But trump is our president for the next four years. Media doesn’t elect a president!!!! Pray for the Supreme Court to make the right decisions!!! Too many prophesies that predicted the corruption and fraud would be exposed, and God’s protection is on trump. It was predicted he would be a two term president and I am claiming it!!! Don’t care what the corrupt media says

  20. Anyone that voted for creepy Biden is just as creepy. I can’t look at that man, he looks like satan reincarnated. His manner, speech, the way he has his hands on girls as young ladies kissing their heads, smelling their hair. He’s a pervert. People think it’s cute but its sick. He’s sick. I can’t stand him. This whole election is a fraud from the beginning to the end. It just ticks me off. SMH UGH.


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