REPORT: Theater sparks backlash with plan to host play with Black-only audiences

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A theater in Canada that receives federal funding has sparked backlash for offering a performance of a play about Black women next month that is open only to “Black-identifying” audience members.

The National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa is offering what it describes as a “Black Out” performance of “Is God Is” at its Babs Asper Theatre on Feb. 17 during Black History Month in both the U.S. and Canada, according to an announcement of the event.

“A Black Out is an open invitation to Black-identifying audiences to come and experience performances with their community,” the theater said.

“The evenings will provide a dedicated space for Black theatergoers to witness a show that reflects the vivid kaleidoscope that is the Black experience,” the announcement adds.

Outrage has erupted on social media over the “Blacks only” event.  Twitter user Viva Frei wrote:

“…the evening’s performance of Is God Is will welcome an all-Black identifying audience…”

What on earth does that mean? Can the audience be entirely white, but identify as black? How about we just go back to a world in which segregation is wrong?

“So given that the National Arts Centre now does single-race-only shows, are they planning on doing a whites only show?” asked local business owner Ian Prittie.

“I invite #lawtwitter and other lawyer friends to explain how this is NOT a violation of human rights law: a show for a black audience only,” Twitter user David Law wrote.

Natasha Ramsey tweeted, “So, ⁦@CanadasNAC⁩ is unashamedly being discriminatory and racist by introducing a ‘Blacks only’ event in 2023 under the woke tyranny of Trudeau and the Liberals! Thus breaking all human rights and regressing back to times we should leave behind.”

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    • That’s my point. It is they who are fomenting the path to continued racism. It is they who want it to continue, because it is they who who seek to profit from it. This will not end well if they continue on this path of division and exclusion, we’ve been down that road before and it leads to destruction.

  1. Going backwards isn’t healthy or productive. This is a sad attempt to try and divide all of us. Don’t buy into this rhetoric. We as the HUMAN RACE are better than this. PRAYING for humanity.

  2. So a federally funded Canadian theatre is peddling a show for audiences identifying as black people. I see self segregation appears to be the lesson taught at this performance. It’s a win win for the tyrant running Canada, get the sheep to do as the master wants. We are going down a slippery slope, I am afraid will not end well.


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