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At least 12,000 students at the City University of New York have signed a petition to cancel an opera about Emmett Till, the victim of a high-profile 1955 lynching in Mississippi, saying that the school should no longer host the show because it was written by a white woman.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice student Mya Bishop created the petition in an attempt to halt the continuation of ‘Emmett Till, A New American Opera’ at the school’s Gerald W. Lynch Theatre.

The article goes on to state the following:

In the petition’s description, she wrote that the show is all about playwright Clare Coss’ ‘white guilt’ rather than the appalling killing of Till, 14, for allegedly flirting with a white woman.

The opera’s black composer, Mary D. Watkins, called the petition “an insult to me as a black woman and to the company members who are African-American.”

Till’s horrific murder is one of the most recognizable race-hate cases in US history.  Opponents say the focus on a progressive white female teacher shifts the focus away from Till, according to The Daily Beast.

“Clare Coss has creatively centered her white guilt by using this play to make the racially motivated brutal torture and murder of a 14-year-old child about her white self and her white feelings,” Bishop wrote.

Yet a representative for Coss and Watkins told the New York Post that the opera actually centers around Till’s mother.

According to Coss, she and Watkins wrote the opera to touch on how they were “deeply and differently impacted by the barbaric lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till in the Mississippi Delta, and the failure of justice.”

According to a synopsis of the show, it “explores themes of social justice, the flaws within the justice system, white silence and allyship, racial inequality and the complexities of the human experience.”

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  1. Our youth and our country disgust me more than ever! This country has turned into a bunch of pampered misinformed racist, pussies!

  2. Bet if they read Black History 365 they’d find more whites were hung than blacks. The info and logs can be found at the Tuskegee Institute. They have no clue how many whites died during the civil rights era. They only virtue signal, but what have they done to actually lift black communities. They only scream racist and defund the police. A few of my black friends can’t stand these people. They all say they don’t do a thing to help us.

  3. The onward and sadly upward of the MAJORLY uneducated , thier parents must be SO proud knowing where all thier $$$$ is going. Another tragic waste .

  4. Good help us all when there’s college liberal kids are the majority in this country.
    America’s heading for a hard fall. It will cease to exist as it was meant to.
    She will need a socialist country and a cesspool.
    They will destroy her. Hopefully I’m not around to v see it.
    It’s already bad enough as it is right now

  5. Democrat cancel culture is on steroids. Time to teach the spoiled brats about true history, the significant culture changes and successes during the last 150 years.

    Think about it, 70 years ago these dweeb would have had their asses tanned by their parents and sent to be without supper. At 16 years old you started working go support yourself and your family. Today they’re pampered to age 26 or even 30. Time to grow up.

  6. If you don’t let cancel culture cancel you like Kid Rock doesn’t let it cancel him let the play go on. Who cares what those spoiled brats say. This is what happens to our country when people get too soft and everybody gets what they want all the time everybody gets a trophy everybody wins.


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