REPORT: Three former high school athletes dead after police chase ends in fiery crash

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Three former Texas high school student-athletes died in a fiery crash after a police chase, according to a report.

Phabian Bynaum, 19, Davarius Bynaum, 20, and Malik Thomas, 21, who previously attended Cameron High School died in the crash on Thursday.

Phabian Bynaum was driving more than 20 miles over the speed limit on US 190 between Cameron and Milano, Milam County Sheriff Mike Clore told FOX 7 Austin. He said one of his deputies attempted to stop the vehicle unsuccessfully, and that a chase began.

While attempting to pass another car, Bynaum lost control of the vehicle. According to a Texas Department of Public Safety press release, the vehicle then crashed into a tree, rolled through a fence, flipped and caught fire in a field.

On Friday, a speaker at a prayer vigil said, “This affected the families, but it also affected our community here. Each boy belonged to all of us. These are our kids, our babies.”

Counselors will be made available for students and staff at each of the district’s schools, according to Cameron ISD Superintendent Kevin Sprinkles.

A spokesperson for TXDPS said, “Attempting to evade law enforcement in a motor vehicle is not only a felony, it places everyone on the roadways in danger.”

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  1. Two of these kids have the same last name – oh, I can’t imagine the pain the parents are going through.

    Running from the police is never a good idea. May these families and communities find comfort and peace in this terrible tragedy.

  2. Well……….. maybe these Marxists that are teaching people that cops are racist should be teaching that instead of running from the law u need to stop.

  3. These “kids and babies” apparently were not taught to obey the law!!!!

    This family/community failed these young men.

  4. They sped away because they must have been doing something wrong. I’m glad no one else was hurt. And am very sad that they were killed and did not learn a lesson. Very stupid what they did and it cost them their lives. 🙏prayers for family and community to emphasize to not resist.


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