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The Biden administration and a top Democrat in Congress are moving to repurpose billions of dollars for the Trump administration’s border wall to other means of achieving the same goal of deterring illegal migration.

House Appropriations Vice Chairman Henry Cuellar, a centrist Democrat who represents a district that includes 200 miles of the Texas-Mexico border, has spent weeks trying to negotiate a deal between lawmakers of both parties, federal law enforcement on the border, and President Biden’s political appointees.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Trump administration acquired $15.5 billion for nearly 800 miles of border wall projects, which included the 30-foot steel barrier, lighting, roads, ground sensors, and other technology. Biden halted construction of the wall on Jan. 20, just as 450 miles was completed. The construction process was suspended for 60 days as the government determines how to “redirect funding and repurpose contracts” for the remaining 300 miles worth of wall system that was funded.

Cueller, who has long opposed any type of physical barrier on the United States-Mexico border, is reportedly in talks with the Biden administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection on how the remainder of the money will be spent.

Cuellar is also calling for a pathway to citizenship for illegal alien workers in the US:

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  1. And just what are these “other means”!!!! Spell it out!!!!
    Yes, immigrants help America BUT they MUST enter this country through vetting and legally plain and simple.

  2. Redirecting funding, what a joke. The wall has been the best thing for our immigration problem. I guess the left prefers redirecting the money to social programs that are useless except for putting the money in their pockets or their friends and family. It’s sad to see how, out of hate and vengence, the left acts instantly to undo anything President Trump accomplished yet they fail in everything else.

  3. I don’t believe border agents don’t want the wall finished since they have backed it the entire time . Who did he talk to ? A few democrats who hate President Trump because the lies dems & msm have propogated for 4 years ? What exactly is are the other ways? Another moron in congress

  4. Democrats really don’t want to give citizenship to immigrants, the prove of that was Obama. He promised that and didn’t in 8 years. At almost the end he just gave them the Daca program and only temporarily. The reason to do it now is because they want to secure votes for their party and can care less how they obtain them. Their plan is to ruined this country anyways! Biden is a puppet and is just doing what is told to do. Immigrants do help US but they should enter legally, with open borders we don’t know who enter the country and the country will be open for criminals of all types. I hope Americans wake up and oppose to all of those changes the Democrats/Biden are doing and send a message to all politicians. A peaceful protest will be a good idea to start, by the border and the WH, letters to their representatives, etc. I also hope for the Congress and Senate strong opposition to these ridiculous executives orders, but doubt it with so many rhinos in the Republican Party!

  5. So walls are just barriers for damn politicians in congress and never for Americans! Way to go! Just like guns, only good to protect same politicians but not us.
    The more I miss President Trump. He had shown I matter in his decision making.

  6. Most of those illegals don’t want to become citizens, they just want jobs & freebies so they can send all their money back home and eventually go back. Then there are the criminals that come here to steal whatever they can. Either way, we should be informed as to what other methods of deterring them from coming here they have in mind.

  7. What alternative’s ARE there??? NONE, that’s what!!! Unless you are talking about placing sharp shooters every ten feet along the border with orders to “shoot to kill!” (Which is actually a great idea as it would stop people in a heartbeat!). This idiot (Cueller) is an imbecile!


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