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A Minnesota transgender inmate filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination by the state Department of Corrections (DOC) in part because it is deferring sex reassignment surgery.

Christina Lusk, 56, who is serving a sentence until 2024 for a felony drug offense at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Moose Lake, Minnesota, claims to be “socially, medically, and legally” female but alleges the DOC has failed to recognize it, according to the lawsuit.

The article goes on to state the following:

The St. Paul-based advocacy group Gender Justice filed the suit on Lusk’s behalf, naming the DOC, as well as Commissioner Paul Schnell, Deputy Commissioner Michelle Smith and Medical Director James Amsterdam. Schnell, Smith, and Amsterdam serve on the DOC’s transgender committee, which hears requests from transgender prisoners in the state who want to transfer facilities.

Claiming to have experienced discrimination and sexual abuse from male inmates, Lusk is suing for at least $50,000 in financial compensation and is demanding to treated as a woman and removed from the men-only correctional facility.

Lusk had reportedly already started the transition process and received some surgeries, before getting arrested in 2019, and is demanding that the prison system pay for the rest.

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  1. Let this homely bastard get the surgery when he gets out. The state prison system is not responsible for the rest of his surgery.

  2. He’s a man, and biological women don’t need the additional trauma of being jailed with a man.

    If he wants surgery – he can pay for it when he gets out of jail. That’s not a burden the taxpayers should be forced to take on. Further, he should have to pay for any state / federal expenses incurred in furtherance of his inappropriate lawsuit.

    If he didn’t want to be in jail, he shouldn’t have committed any crimes – that’s totally on him.

    The prison is not discriminating against him for declining to pay for any transgender surgery. The prison system is being a common sense ward of the taxpayer’s dollars. The prison’s declination is a correct decision.

  3. The gall of this person to demand ANYTHING thinking entitlement after breaking the law . No tesponsibility anymore well you do the crime you DO the time PERIOD

  4. Why do our tax dollars have to pay for their delusion? You shouldn’t have committed a crime. Do your time, and pay for that on your own when you get out!

  5. Well he sure has balls to make such demands while he is serving time for doing crime. Bread and water buddy, mister, man!

  6. You sick pos . You were born a male. The tax paying public or the prison system is not in the sex reassignment business. Why don’t you cut your dick off yourself.


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