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A transgender woman who had sex re-assignment surgery as a teenager is warning those considering a similar operation to explore the world inhabiting their body “as it is” before “permanently altering” it.

In a Monday op-ed for The Washington Post headlined, “What I wish I’d known when I was 19 and had sex re-assignment surgery,” software developer Corinna Cohn expressed regret over her transition from being a man to a woman, explaining she wasn’t old enough to make such a drastic decision and that it committed her “to a lifetime apart” from her peers.

The article goes on to state the following:

“When I was 19, I had surgery for sex reassignment, or what is now called gender affirmation surgery,” Cohn wrote. “In terms of my priorities and interests today, that younger incarnation of myself might as well have been a different person — yet that was the person who committed me to a lifetime set apart from my peers.”

Expressing regret over the life-altering decision, Cohn writes, “There is much debate today about transgender treatment, especially for young people. Others might feel differently about their choices, but I know now that I wasn’t old enough to make that decision. Given the strong cultural forces today casting a benign light on these matters, I thought it might be helpful for young people, and their parents, to hear what I wish I had known.”

Cohn shared the following advice for young people considering transitioning to the opposite sex:

“What advice would I pass on to young people seeking transition? … The prospect of sex can be intimidating. But sex is essential in healthy relationships. Give it a chance before permanently altering your body.”

“Most of all, slow down. You may yet decide to make the change. But if you explore the world by inhabiting your body as it is, perhaps you’ll find that you love it more than you thought possible.”

Cohn posted a link to the op-ed on Twitter, along with the following sobering statement in a series of Twitter posts:

I wrote a thing for WaPo today, and this is will be a thread on some accompanying thoughts related to pediatric transition, and hopefully this clarifies things for people who may have misunderstood my position.

1. I strictly oppose outright bans and criminalization.

Many of the doctors involved in pediatric transition are family doctors who are relying on their professional organizations and leaders in the industry to make the right decisions.

Furthermore, families are being advised by “gender therapists” (who commonly have a trans-identification themselves, btw) who tell parents that they face a stark choice: transitioning their child, or having a dead child.

Tough thing to hear, and hard to find other perspectives.

2. Around 80 percent of pre-pubescent gender dysphoric children desist naturally. We still need a system in place to help the ones who don’t desist.

3. Yes, I think medicalization should wait until at least 18, and the informed consent must be rigorous.

4. There are, practically speaking, no standards of care for pediatric transitioners. The nearest thing is WPATH, and I have heard directly from clinicians that WPATH is commonly disregarded.

5. Pediatric transition is effectively unregulated and is not self-regulating.

6. Medicalization and surgery lead to a variety of tradeoffs, but to make it simple, these tradeoffs can be boiled down to shorter life spans. Transitioning a child takes years off from their life. You must be absolutely certain the tradeoff is worth it.

7. My preferred policy for shifting more of the risk back on to the providers is to increase the statute of limitations for adolescents being given “gender affirming” medical care.


My critics say that *increasing patients rights* will lead to a decrease in the provision of services.

YES. That is because the people who don’t want to be careful will no longer accept pediatric patients (they will still have adult patients).

Let’s run the bad doctors out!

It boggles my mind that there is pushback from trans activists for increasing the rights of patients receiving trans medicine. But here we are.

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  1. No truer words written. Listen up America! Let children be children until adulthood. Praise God this woman shared her honest truthful story.

    • He’s not a woman! I don’t care how many surgeries HE’S had or how many hormones HE’S taken! He’s still a man. You can’t change XY to XX or XX to XY.

  2. That wasn’t the first transgender who regretted their decision. They have to start speaking up. To transition to the opposite sex is a very serious, life changing deal not to be made by a minor but by the person when they reach adulthood. Not by parents of a school aged child. I think it should be 21 yrs of age.

  3. Most Trans people are looking for acceptance is my belief. They have no idea that all these liberals are destroying that for them by forcing it on people.

  4. I don’t understand why there are so many more LGBTQ?????? now than there were when I was growing up in the 50’s & 60’s! Why are people so dissatisfied with themselves? Is it in the water or the chem trails or the processing of food or what!! We never or rarely heard about this stuff back then!! It’s really sad that so many people don’t know who or what they are!! God help us!


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