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A truck transporting nearly 100 monkeys in Pennsylvania crashed into a dump truck on Friday, and at least three animals made an escape.

The truck was traveling in Montour County, Penn., on Friday afternoon when the crash occurred, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Andrea Pelachick told the Daily Item.

The article goes on to state the following:

She said that the truck was en route to a lab before the crash, the news outlet noted.

Friday night, Pelachick tweeted, “A small number of monkeys may have fled the crash scene into the surrounding area. If the public spots one, please keep your distance and call 911 immediately. Health and safety of residents and visitors is our top priority.”

Saturday morning, the following update was posted: “There is still one monkey unaccounted for, but we are asking that no one attempt to look for or capture the animal. Anyone who sees or locates the monkey is asked not to approach, attempt to catch, or come in contact with the monkey. Please call 911 immediately.”

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  1. Hmmm. Monkeys going to lab for experimentation? Perhaps infected with some new “Democrat” disease they can control the country with?????

  2. No food and supply delivery but the lab monkeys are being transported !!!! By chance were they headed to the original lab that Fauci was working on the virus or maybe going to an airport ?

  3. Run little monkey, run! I say we call him Ceasar and teach him how to talk, ride horses, and shoot guns. It would be the perfect ending. Everything that has happened in the last 2 years has been predicted in books and movies. Why not finish with a bang.

  4. Let me guess Dr Fauci had already injected these monkeys with the latest virus before they were to be transported!?
    The experimentation upon animals is a cruel practice with not enough benefits to justify the pain and torture endured by the test subjects!
    I only wish that ALL of them escaped!

  5. The escaped monkeys ran to the Capital and now us citizens can’t tell them apart from the democrat politicians that are already doing monkey business behind closed doors.

  6. I agree I’m sure fraudchi is at the helm of this with plans to infect them.and then hsve some spread it by ” accident”

    Those monkeys are precious my heart is with THEM . Animal rights should have been trailing that truck and confiscated those poor animals.


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