REPORT: Trump attorney speaks out, makes prediction amid legal battles

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An attorney for Donald Trump says the former president would not refuse to surrender to authorities if he is indicted in the Manhattan district attorney’s probe into a hush-money deal from his 2016 presidential run.

“There won’t be a standoff at Mar-a-Lago with Secret Service and the Manhattan DA’s office,” Joe Tacopina told The New York Daily News.

Tacopina said Trump, whom he described as a survivor, would find a way to use any charges filed against him to help him politically in the end.

“Most people would collapse under the weight of this. He seems to turn everything into a positive and everything into a boost for his campaign, so I’m sure this will just join that long list of things that people think no one could overcome, but he will,” Tacopina predicted.

Trump released the following video statement on Friday, and blasted the multiple Democrat investigations against him.


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  1. This is perverse, this is not a felony, but DA thinks he can declare it so. Eventually the Democrats and DAs are going to be eviscerated. Payback is always a bi*ch.

  2. Satan at work to take Trump down. Trump 2024!! Nobody will EVER be as good as President Trump for President. Only Trump has balls of steel to put up with these disgusting thugs coming after him. Not even your DeSantis DML.

  3. More Trump manipulation. He would use the arrest to help him politically, says his attorney.
    Just as he manipulated his supporters when he lost his election fair and square and used his supporters for more of his shameless self promotion

    • Bogus! He didn’t lose fair and square. You apparently live in a CNN bubble. If you think Biden won by campaigning in his basement, you are more blinded than you understand.

    • Jeanne, Gustave Le Bon‘s words speak volumes about you, the rest of Trump supporters, and other mindless people

      “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim. An individual in a crowd is a grain of sand amid other grains of sand, which the wind stirs up at will.”

  4. Bart the mindless are the people who continue to believe Biden when has plagiarized and LIED EVERYDAY for 48 years. Open borders open airspace men are women allowed to compete men need pap smears FULLTERM abortions most incompetent administration in History chosen for sexual orientation or skin color AND nit even trying to do the job they are being PAID by taxpayers to do. They are intentionally destroying this country. NWO OPEN SOCIETY taking billions from Soros

  5. They are going to make Trump a martyr/J6 political prisoner, and that will be their undoing in that they, the Washington establishment, are essentially admitting they stole the election, formed an illegitimate government and illegally persecuted those who protested it. A new definition of patriotism will come from this. Patriotism will be defined as one’s absolute opposition to the Washington establishment and we are already seeing signs of this in the culture. I recall Gallup releasing a poll back in 2015 asking people what they think the number one threat to their freedom is. The number one answer and it wasn’t even close, was the federal government. That’s what got the least political establishment candidate elected in 2016. Since then we have seen the Washington establishment spy on his campaign, frame him and people in his campaign, impeach him more than once, steal his 2020 electoral, imprisoned his supporters without trial, and now indict him using a politically stacked grand jury. Unfortunately for the Washington establishment, people are paying attention.

  6. THIS is one reason I am not for any other Republican candidate! The ENTIRE bank of Republicans are silent on this abuse. There’s been 7 YEARS of this abuse of a man who wants to help his country and his fellow citizens! Not ONE of these “politicians” who should stand guard over our Constitution, have said a word. Therefore, if they CANNOT defend him against this abomination, how could we EVER TRUST them to defend US!!! The truth? We CAN’T!!

  7. Trump is the only one that will stand up to the Democrats that are destroying this country. With open borders , and these so called people Biden has in office who doesn’t know what there doing, and the country is crumbling around us, all there doing is lying out both sides of there mouths. They are not qualified for the jobs they have, when they can’t even decide what gender they are less alone run a department. Get these queers out of public offices and bring someone who is actually qualified to do the job. Biden is selling out this country to China along with the rest of his family, and the Democrat party is supporting him. John F, Kennedy is rolling over in his grave with all this crap. He was a true Democrats that I was proud to vote for, not the traders today.


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