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Former President Donald Trump on Saturday denied reports that his personal plane has been “mothballed” in New York, calling the stories “fake news.”

Trump’s personal Boeing 757 was a hallmark of his 2016 campaign, but last year it was reported to be sitting idle in a state of disrepair in New York.

The article goes on to state the following:

The former president, however, disputed the news on Saturday, seemingly referring to assertions from publications including the Daily Mail that he didn’t believe he would need to use the plane until 2025, the year after the next presidential election.

“The story is Fake News about my plane being ‘mothballed’ in Stewart Airfield in Newburgh, New York, because ‘I didn’t think I would need it until 2025,'” Trump said in the Saturday statement.

Mothballed means to be placed into a state of non use, or temporarily closed, while maintaining a state of readiness for potential re-use or re-opening.

“My plane, a Boeing 757, is going through a major scheduled maintenance program, which will be completed in approximately 90 days,” Trump continued. “It will then be put back into service. I was not allowed to use it during the Presidency, and didn’t.”

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  1. Anything negative that somebody can think of to say about Trump they’re going to put into the newspaper. If you’ve seen the videos about his 757 airplane, the idea that it would be sitting anywhere in a state of disrepair is utterly ridiculous and laughable.


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