REPORT: Trump failed to disclose gifts, raising questions about foreign influence

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Several items gifted to former President Donald Trump from foreign governments while he was in office remain unaccounted for, raising concerns about why the gifts were not disclosed to the State Department as required by federal law.

The Trump administration failed to report more than 100 foreign gifts that were given to the president and his family members during his time in office, including some gifts that have been valued at thousands of dollars, according to a report by Democrats on the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. The lack of reporting has prompted criticism from members of the committee, who question whether the gifts influenced Trump’s foreign policy while he was president.

Under the Foreign Gifts and Decorations Act, the president and other federal officials are prohibited from accepting gifts valued at more than $415. If an accepted gift exceeds that value, it then becomes the property of the United States government and must be documented by the National Archives.

“Failures to disclose gifts from foreign governments were much broader than previously known and extended throughout the Trump administration,” lawmakers wrote in an initial report released Friday.

“The discovery of these unreported foreign gifts raises significant questions about why former President Trump failed to disclose these gifts to the public,” the report stated.

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  2. Over and over! This is getting so old! Never seen people so obsessed with a person! When corruption is staring you in the face from the Democrats!!!

  3. This crap has to end !! If they want submission they are just plain out of luck!! If they (Democrats,globalists, the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION) want Civil War, we can gladly accommodate them !!!

  4. How many gifts have been given to the worthless politicians that drug our country to h—! They better clean up their own backyard.

  5. What about all the bullshit the Biden family has done? Gifts from someone is not bad at all. Taking money from a communist country is treasonous and the Biden family should all be in jail and get more would be the best place for them to get their stink away from America

  6. This is in preparation and to deflect from the Biden crime family’s massive corruption, that the house committee is getting close to exposing

  7. Oh I hope Karma kicks them all in ass so hard they can’t get up. There needs to be justice for those evil sob’s.. every one of them. We as a nation are just about off the cliffs edge from never being America the Great. We are dangling off the cliff and they don’t care.

  8. I may be mistaken, but, didn’t the Clintons remove a lot of items from the White House that we’re considered gifts to our nation ?

  9. Go figure the corrupt Biden crime family on the take from Ukraine and China with verified evidence and not a peep from the government or media . They are going full tilt bat shit crazy to keep Trump from being the candidate of the people. Screw you corrupt establishment socialist communist rat 🐀 bastards .We the people: Trump 2024

  10. This looks like somebody in Trumps own circle has intentionally held that back from the state department to use at a later date for just a thing like this. Hes been out of office for over 2 years and wallah, we forgot to mention this right about the time Magoo and his minions and family are about to be exposed. I say this, if Trump gets reelected he needs his inner circle to be picked from people that aren’t connected to DC in any way.

  11. Even if this BS is true…it’s still not millions of $$$$$$$ over many years, “gifted” to the Clintons, Obama’s, Biden’s, Kerry’s so, enough!

  12. Are you trying to make the point that Trump should have emulated Biden and held out for cash? You can’t buy a billionaire with trinkets!

  13. Omg…will they please stop. All this wasted energy and resources. My god…they are obsessed with that man. Trying saving our country and do the job we as taxpayers pay you to do. Stop this obsession with Trump

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  17. Bollocks. If we’re going to pretend to be upset over this, we better be looking at the Biden regime’s actual abuses.


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