REPORT: Trump given short leash by special master over planted evidence claims

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The special master handling the Mar-a-Lago raid has given former President Donald Trump a short deadline to provide details that would bolster his claims about documents the FBI seized, a day after the Justice Department scored an appeals court win.

Judge Raymond Dearie, who was appointed special master by Judge Aileen Cannon, gave Trump’s team until Sept. 30 to submit a declaration on a number of key issues, including what appeared to be a reference to suggestions by Trump allies that some of the evidence the FBI said it had seized was somehow planted. Dearie asked Trump’s lawyers on Thursday to provide an affidavit on “a list of any specific items set forth in the Detailed Property Inventory that [Trump] asserts were not seized from the Premises on August 8, 2022.”

Dearie also gave Trump’s team until Oct. 14 to provide the Justice Department with a “final and complete log of designations” related to the former president’s claims of privilege over the seized records, and the special master said both Trump and the DOJ will have until Oct. 21 to submit their “final and complete log of disputed designations” to the special master.

Reuters reporter Brad Heath tweeted Thursday, “The Mar-a-Lago special master is telling Trump’s lawyers to say once and for all whether they really think the FBI planted evidence during its search, as the former president has publicly alleged.”

“This isn’t the first time Judge Dearie has told Trump’s lawyers to essentially put up or shut up about the things they’ve been saying in TV but not in court. Judge Dearie is also setting some pretty short deadlines on the review of materials seized from Mar-a-Lago. He wants Trump’s lawyers to decide by Monday whether to assert privilege over items singled as potentially privileged by the FBI filter team.”

“And he says Trump’s lawyers need to lay out all of their claims of privilege in about three weeks.”

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  1. I gave no doubt that the FBI planted evidence!! They wouldn’t allow any of Trumps lawyers in with them, and also wanted cameras turned off!!! Why?? To plant evidence!!!

  2. Well soumd like the special master in this case So called judge Dearie is another Demoncrat. President Trump has to pay him out of his own pocket and sid3s with the fraudulent FBI. Dearie’s hostory of who he has supported politically in the past should be looked at. I honestly thought this judge woupd be unbias ans see the truth for what it is…Obvioulsy not.

  3. The cameras were left on according to Trump! I’m tired of all the BULLSHIT! If Trump has it all its time to put all out there! NOW!

    • It seems like the burden of proof is on Trump to prove he’s not guilty. This is not how our system works and the government has yet to charge him with something. It’s is blankety against the US Constitution for the government to investigate someone to look for a crime to charge that person with. This is what communist countries do. Our government is not behaving like a legitimate government. If these people are duly elected, you would think they would behave like it. They are behaving like they are afraid of a legitimate investigation into the 2020 election.

  4. They give Tump 3 weeks to comply but Comey and muller and Schiff 2 years to drag shit out ! This is equal Justice ? I hope Trump burns them all down.


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