REPORT: Trump pays huge fine as part of deal to end contempt charge

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NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Trump has paid the $110,000 in fines he racked up after being held in contempt of court for being slow to respond to a civil subpoena issued by New York’s attorney general.

Trump paid the fine Thursday but must still submit additional paperwork in order to have the contempt order lifted, the office of Attorney General Letitia James said Friday.

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A Manhattan judge declared Trump in contempt of court on April 25 and fined him $10,000 per day for not complying with a subpoena in James’s long-running investigation into his business practices.

James, a Democrat who ran for New York Attorney General on the declaration that she would be going after Trump, claims that Trump Organization has misstated the value of property like skyscrapers and golf courses on financial statements.

James announced on April 7, “My office is filing a motion to hold Donald Trump in contempt of court.    Despite a crystal clear order from the court, Donald Trump has refused to turn over documents as part of our investigation into him and the Trump Organization’s financial dealings.”

“Donald Trump should be fined $10,000 per day for every day that he continues to violate the court’s order to provide these documents to my office. No one is above the law,” she declared.

However, Trump refused to comply.

On April 25, James had cheered, “#BREAKING: In a major victory, a court has ruled in our favor to hold Donald Trump in contempt of court. Donald Trump must pay $10,000 per day for every day that he continues to defy the court’s order to turn over documents to my office.

“Today, justice prevailed. Our investigation into Donald Trump and the Trump Organization’s financial dealings will continue undeterred because no one is above the law,” she added.

“The court order was clear: Donald Trump is in contempt of court and must pay $10,000 a day until he complies with our subpoenas. We’ve seen this playbook before, and it has never stopped our investigation of Donald Trump and his organization. This time is no different,” James tweeted two days later.

Judge Arthur Engoron had stopped the fine from accruing on May 6, and on May 11, the judge agreed to lift the contempt order if, by Friday, Trump paid the fines and submitted affidavits explaining their efforts to search for the subpoenaed records. 

On May 11, James announced, “Today, a judge ordered Donald Trump to pay my office $110,000 for his refusal to comply with our subpoenas. Our investigation into Donald Trump and the Trump Organization’s financial dealings will continue undeterred.”

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  1. How is Trump held in contempt when he doesn’t set the values of his properties!! Isn’t that what appraisers are for?? I can’t merely say my little condo is worth twice what it’s value is, just secure an additional loan against it. This makes no sense to me. Go after the appraiser.

  2. 2 years of investigation the attorney general ran on this promise to take Trump down with no crying being committed it was nothing more than an investigation it’s a political hack why don’t they try doing something like that to Biden and his son

  3. Meanwhile at one of blms mansions purchased FRAUDULENTLY ……. with wall art from crackhead hunter , crickets are heard ….

  4. This will find its way in the Demonic-rats coffers !!! You can bet on that !!! Probably hire ballot box stuffers !!!


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