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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is 32 points ahead of former Sen. David Perdue in the state’s GOP gubernatorial primary, according to a new Fox News poll out Wednesday.

Kemp was holding 60 percent of Georgia Republican primary voters’ support, compared to 28 percent for Perdue and 8 percent for other candidates in the primary. Three percent of voters remain undecided, the poll showed.

The article goes on to state the following:

While former President Trump has endorsed Perdue, 24 percent of participants in the poll said the endorsement made them less supportive of Perdue. Thirty-seven percent, however, said Trump’s support made them support Perdue more. Another 36 percent said the endorsement had no effect on them.

Meanwhile former Vice President Mike Pence is supporting Kemp, including an appearance at a May 23 rally, the day before the primary on May 24.

“The Fox News poll was conducted between May 12 and May 16, with a margin of error of 3 percentage points. It includes a sampling of 1,004 Georgia Republican primary voters,” The Hill reports.

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  1. Ok Georgia, keep voting for rhino a$$ Kemp you idiots.
    Obviously you didn’t learn your lesson in 2020.

    • I learn mine ….. I’m not sure who I’m voting for I don’t like Perdue nor trust him….. I like Taylor but she hasn’t really put herself out there. So at this point I’m don’t know who or if I’ll vote in the primaries!!

  2. It did not seem to me Kemp has done much for Georgia but they are the ones who have to live with the final results. Good luck.

  3. Ur really gonna listen to Pence instead? I don’t even believe those polls. I think they’re cheating again.

  4. And im sorry any body who says I may just vote dem instead is not a Maga or a republican in any way shape or form that makes you another rino or a dem so good luck with killing your future because that is what is on the table here . The dems hate Americans in every way they want to hand this country over to the who to nato ultimately to China. So yeah keep being a fool I wish you nothing but bad wishes then . This is a war for the foundation of our voluntary so keep taking stupid you deserve to be put in chains by the left . Disgusting to even waste my time reading your crap. Go away rino hold your kids one last time before the government takes them away to be programed .

  5. I’m in Georgia and I Will NOT VOTE FOR KEMP!! PENCE IS A TRAITOR AND HE IS ENDORSING KEMP SO THAT IS ENOUGH! Also I am not crazy about PERDUE EITHER. But we are doomed regardless! Anyone who throws their hat in to run has to have money or no one knows anything about them! That’s the sad thing! It’s obvious that dark Soros money has been used to vault Stacy Abrams to star status! She wasn’t even a resident of Georgia until right about time to qualify last election! That is a big eye opener for me!! Guess I’m going with Perdue


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