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President Donald Trump revoked an executive order he signed in the early days of his presidency, which banned administration officials from becoming lobbyists within five years of leaving their position.

In the final hours of his presidency Tuesday night, President Donald Trump revoked his executive order, which placed restrictions on White House officials’ ability to immediately work as a lobbyist after working in government, the White House said. Trump signed the order on Jan. 28, 2017 in a move that was considered a fulfillment of his 2016 campaign promise to “drain the swamp,” NBC News reported at the time.

The article goes on to state the following:

However, the order had been criticized for not going far enough, according to Politifact. The pledge only required appointees to agree not to lobby the agency they worked in and didn’t necessarily prohibit them from lobbying other agencies.

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    • Probably because, for four of the last five years, he was in office. Now that he is leaving, he doesn’t want to handicap his own ability to continue the fight.

  1. Very confusing and unsettling. I believed in President Trump, I can’t find a way to stop believing in him yet.
    I believed the constitution mattered and feel it still does to the real Americans with pride in heart and no greed on mind.
    Re education camps, prisons, executions now stare us in the face and the GOP has no concern over the blood that will spill.
    I have felt depression set in as many probably have, I am not afraid to fight or die for this country as my only two uncles did. I look at the real world and realize we can trust no one now so how do you hold out hope for change or winning against an enemy with power to be invisible for so long ?

    • Faith in God. Faith in Jesus dying to save you from sins and beluev8ng the inherent goodness in humans. Rising above the petty bullshit that trust to keep us bogged down so we can’t rise to our full potential as the amazingly, unique soul that God, our Creator gave you and that HE made you in his image, made you WONDERFULLY, WHOLE AND YOUR SOUL SHINES IN THE DARKNESS LIKE A BEACON FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE AND REVEL IN OUR GOD GIVEN BRIGHTNESS THAT NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE AWAY FROM YOU!
      If God is for me who can be against me…and remember GOD said, “…for this too shall pass…”. ✝️🇺🇸👥👥🙏😁✌️💜💙✝️GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS ‼️💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙😘

  2. Very well stated….it’s like we need to “grieve” for the for years we had such high hopes! Our Conservative party needs to “grow a pair”. If THEY can’t do it……then…..??? I’m afraid!

  3. I plan on changing parties asap, there’s no reason to be affiliated with either party of criminals who dare to look down on the very people who voted them in office when they in fact work together in order to lie,cheat,and steal our votes and our voices as a nation away from us, only to lift up and inaugurate a criminal pedophile into The People’s House. God help us moving forward from here


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