REPORT: Trump takes lead over Biden on eve of State of the Union Address, poll says

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Former President Donald Trump, a Republican, has taken a lead over current President Joe Biden, a Democrat, on the eve of the latter’s planned State of the Union address this week in Congress, a poll shows.

Trump, at 48 percent, leads Biden’s 45 percent by 3 percent. One percent said they would vote for someone else, 3 percent said they would not vote for either Trump or Biden, 2 percent said they would not vote, and 1 percent had no opinion.

The survey, from the Washington Post and ABC News, represents a five-point swing Trump’s way from the pollster’s last such survey nationally back in September, which had Biden leading Trump 48 percent to 46 percent.

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    • No, the poll is accurate for the time being as as few republicans are intoxicated on irrationally again.
      See, for now, it’s like the polls show they are going to McDonald’s and changing up to get the salad, but they end up eating the same old shit.

      • Trump 2024 LEADERSHIP is what Americans are graving for!! On trumps watch, the balloon was nowhere in sight! If he was in office, that balloon would’ve been blown to smithereens immediately!!

  1. You mean to tell me there is still 45percent of people that still vote fir that Biden clown after everything this world has been through and as bad as the economy is the worst it has been in years plus the dumbass is not even for The US and has sold us out to China along with all the foreign illegals coming in abs people have the full to vote for this I can’t hardly believe that it must be foreigners if it us the American people for this sob Biden they need to move out of the US what a crock of shit some people never learn and really are stupider than I ever thought at least when Trump was in this we’re not like this with this country I’m not saying he was perfect but damn I have never saw a stupider administration in my lifetime than I have this bunch I sure never thought I would witness all of this shot in my lifetime unreal.

  2. No democrat will win including no good dementia asshole Biden who has ruined our country with inflations and letting all the illegals come into our country USA and giving them everything instead of helping all the veterans who fought for our country and not helping people who were laid off from working . Trump will win the president Of the USA 🇺🇸 and dumb Biden will go to his bunker room and cry his ass

  3. We need President Trump back right now. He was cheated out of his second term by the Dems.
    Please don’t give up on the best President we’ve ever had.
    Vote Trump 2024….


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